Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hobble Creek Crap

It started with not getting my number until 11 p.m. the night before, a poor nights rest, and a 40 minute delayed start time. It ended with muscle cramps and my worst half-marathon time ever!

But, the good news is: I finished, I helped a girl that ate the pavement and was pretty bloody, made a new friend, and learned the importance of salt while running! (Plus, it's never a bad thing to see Mr. Pace's face at the finish line. Love him.)

I love to run, I love to run with my family...and next year I'll love a much better finish time. Mark my words!!!

Leg cramps are literally killing me...

Sucky finish time...=(

The runners: Me, Curtis and Mom

P.S. Curtis is amazing! He ALWAYS finishes fast enough to run back to find me and mom and then run to the finish line with us. I was just getting leg cramps with two miles left and Curtis was there to help me through them. I have such a great brother! I have such a FAST brother!! He finished in 1:17:30.


Melonie said...

Way to go! You did it. That's what counts!

Andi said...

Ok, so the title just made me smile.