Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Milk Challenge

July 24 - I'm not sure how this all started, but the next thing I knew we were walking out of the grocery store with a gallon of milk and a gallon of Tampico. Tina and Tyler were going head to head to see if either of them could finish a gallon in one hour.


10 minutes:

20 minutes into the challenge Tina says, "My skin feels kind of cold and weird."

One hour:

Needless to say, neither of them finished their "gallon." It was fun to watch them try though. Personally, I'm impressed anyone can drink milk at all. And for Tampico, I'm speechless. The stuff is one step down from milk on the nasty scale.

Please note: Tyler also ate a full sandwich along with his Tampico.

People whose names start with "T" are CRAZY!

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