Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beginning...MIDDLE...and End

Last weekend, August 13-15, we took a trip to St. George with our friends, the Glovers and the DeMonjas. We'd been planning it for a couple months and were so excited for a chill weekend just doing whatever. And, yes, it ended up being the perfect weekend! Just eating at a few good restaurants, checking out the market at Tuachan, shopping the outlet stores, watching movies...and golf!

That was the middle part.

The beginning was a broken down car in Scipio and the end was me realizing I never grabbed my luggage when we headed home! Oops.

Kim and Milan convinced us that there was nothing we could do with our car until Monday and then they turned around where they were (about 30 minutes ahead of us) and came back for us. So happy that they did because it would have been a total bummer stressing over our car all weekend instead of playing with our friends in St. George.

Then, that funny end part. The part where Kim and Milan dropped us back at our car in Scipio. The part where we start unloading stuff from their car into our car. The part where I am suddenly realizing that my bags are nowhere to be found!

I was thinking, hmmm....where are my bags? I packed them. I put them on the corner of the bed. "Tyler, did you grab my bags?" I asked. His reply, "No, I grabbed MY bags." And that is the precise moment that I fully realized that I was now hours away from my bags with no way to retrieve them.

I laughed! This might have been my blondest moment ever...ever!

Tyler (being the amazing man that he is) flipped open his phone and dialed. The next thing I know he is telling me that Janette, our sister-in-law, is driving home from California and staying at the house in St. George tonight. Could I be any luckier??? Thanks, Janette, for bringing my bags (makeup, toothbrush, blow dryer, flatiron, um...pretty much all of my essentials) home to me...thank you - thank you - thank you!

See...the middle part was FUN!

Broken Scipio!

Hot...and not happy about our darn car.


Just being a good 7 a.m.

He's got skills!


Sometimes they just let cute girls take the carts out to find their husbands. Yep!

Lame market at Tuacahn

Sheri and Shane

Kim and Milan

Brigitte and Tyler...aka Us!

Picking up the guys from their FREE 18 holes. Thanks for the hook-up, Milan!


Sheri said...

lol, I am cracking up at your self portrait of when you broke down, so funny. And why does it look like you're trying to punch me in the leg in our picture?
Ok very fun, relaxing weekend, we're glad you made it. Thanks for providing the place to stay and a fun weekend.

Ang;Greg said...

Hey!!! I miss you guys! So glad you are doing well... let's seriously play games sometime (preferably before we're all 60!)