Monday, July 20, 2009

Are You Registered?

People kept asking and I kept putting it off...and still we aren't fully registered! But, the process is started and my goal is to finish this week. =)

You know...a lot of the wedding stuff that I looked forward to when I was a little girl is not really as much "fun" as I had imagined. Has anyone out there registered at Bed Bath & Beyond? It's like taking a 3 credit college class. Who knew you needed so much direction and explanation and a whole box of materials just to complete the course?

Target? Yep! We're registered there. But I've done it all online. I couldn't get myself to walk around with one of those little guns for fear that I would start registering for a Wii, makeup, name it! I mean, those guns can click on anything, right? I don't think I would be able to control myself!

Engagement Photos

Lisa, my sister-in-law, took our Engagement Photos while we were in Logan for the MS 150 Bike Ride the weekend after we got engaged. Since we knew our entire Engagement was only going to be SEVEN WEEKS (Big Day is August 7) we knew we needed to get the pics taken and printed pronto!

We had so much fun!! Here are a few faves.


It was Friday, June 19th at 730 pm. Tyler and I were chilling with my family in Salem at the Eppley Family Reunion. The week consisted of a Mock-Disaster where we camped in my parents yard with only our 72-hour kits with which to survive on (that is why I look so darn cute in the attached video!)

This particular night was the Talent Show. At the last minute Tyler signed up to share his talent. He was first on the list. When he got in front of the group he asked if I would come up and help him. I DID NOT WANT TO SING! But, it turns out...singing is NOT what Tyler had in mind.

When I finally consented to come stand with Tyler for his "talent" he asked me if I remembered what I had given him for his birthday. I had given him some coupons. He then said that he wanted to redeem one. I was thinking, "Great! For your talent you want me to vacuum your car? Or, give you a foot massge? Or, go get Slurpees?" I couldn't figure out which one he was going to give me. But then, he handed me a coupon and as I read it I was FREAKING OUT! This particular coupon was an extra one that I couldn't figure out what to put on it. So...I just put..."Your Choice. Fill in the blank." And fill in the blank he did!

It read, "MARRY ME!!!" Before I knew it, Tyler was on his knee with a huge smile and a ring box opened and outstreached in his hand. I was in SHOCK!!! I even asked, "Are you kidding me?" I could not have been happier or more surprised! And...duh...of course I said "YES!"

Seriously...well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!