Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tim McGraw...and Sydnie Jean's First Date

July 30 - Sheri and I were planning to go to the Tim McGraw concert. We were hoping it wouldn't be as disappointing as the last time we saw him. Tickets cost us over $100 and we sat on the VERY TOP ROW of the Delta Center. We were not happy! Tina came with us that time, as did Cheryl, Tricia, the Ballards and Suzie. Remember how bad our waiter was at dinner before the concert?

Here's a couple pics from that concert in 2006!
See - very top row!

A few days before the concert this year, Sydnie called to tell me that she had just been asked out on her first date. She turned 16 on July 7. Yeah! (LOVE that she called to tell me. I think she still likes her Auntie!)

I asked her if she knew what they were going to do on their date and she told me, "we're going to a Tim McGraw concert." I was so excited, selfishly so. This way I was going to not only see Tim, but spy on my chunky monkey on her first date!

I was scoping the entire place...which is no small task at USANA...looking for Sydnie. I really, really, really wanted to see her on her first date! I knew she had Paula's cell with her, but I kept calling and it would go straight to voicemail. Bug! Then, in the middle of Lady Antebelum - the opening act - Sydnie called. They were stuck in traffic. She asked if we could save them a spot. I was very excited that now I wasn't just going to get to see her, I was going to get to have them sit (or stand and dance) right by us all night. Oh ya.
Tanner and Sydnie

All of us - Tanner's parents too!

I cannot believe that my cute little Jeaner is dating! I love her so much!! I remember when she was born. She was the first granddaughter and therefore, my first niece. I just loved her to pieces...and I still do. She used to sit on her front porch and wave to me as I drove away. We decided two honks is more friendly than one, so I would honk twice, wave and blow a kiss. I'm tearing up just thinking about how much she has grown up since then. She's seriously an amazing girl.
We still honk twice!

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Sheri said...

Why do you look so mad in that first it because we are on the very LAST Row and paid the same amount as the people on the floor?? Ya...apparently I'm not over it yet either!!!