Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews has cancelled his concerts in Utah for the past few years. What a dork! But, Tyler really likes him, so when I found out I could get free tickets (DM's way of saying 'sorry for being a schmuck in the past') to his concert, I jumped on the computer and quickly secured two tickets.
I was so excited to surprise Tyler with this free gift. And, truth be known, I love a concert - doesn't matter who - I'm just not that picky when it comes to live music. In fact, that gets me thinking, I should totally do a post about concerts I've been to. Yep - I'll do just that. If only I had kept a list. Darn!

Okay - back to Dave. So three months ago I come home with tickets to Dave Matthews. Tyler was very excited and it seemed like our tickets (aka printout that showed I had "purchased" two tickets) hung on the fridge forever!

The day finally arrived last week and, well, Tyler says, "For a FREE CONCERT it was well worth the money!" It was entertaining.

Waiting for the concert to begin...

Brigitte and Tyler

Dave...doing his thing! (Half drunk or high...or maybe both!)

Look who found us in the sea of people. Oh, Justin!

Friends...reunited. Not drunk. Not high. kind of looks like it.

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