Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ninety. Ninety. 90-90-90!

I graduated from Provo High in 1990. I know. Crazy! And, now, 20 (yes...I said, TWENTY) years later, I love who I have become. High school was great. But life has seriously only gotten better!

This reunion was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to have truly found themselves. Everyone looked old to me. Especially the guys. For sure I couldn't possibly look as old as they do. Hmmm...maybe I do. But, still, life is good. No. Life is GREAT! And

I'm happy to not be in High School. But I'm happy for lessons learned at PHS and for lessons learned since, because of experiences I had while doing my four years as a Bulldog.

Tyler came with me. Such a good sport!

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Jen said...

I agree with does get much better than HS...and the men I graduated with in 1990 look old too!