Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tagg Turned Three

Three Year Stats

Weight: 28lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 3ft (20th percentile)

Dear Taggart,

Oh my goodness, I just literally started crying as I wrote "Dear Taggart..." I love you so much! I'm in complete shock that you are three already, and yet, I feel like I've known and loved you way longer than three years. It's incredible how much my heart aches at the thought of my babies growing up so fast.

You are the cutest little man. Your funny side is hysterical and your shy/reserved side is so sweet. I see so much of your daddy in you - personality and looks! You are easy going and determined at the same time. Your best friend is for sure your big sister, Holland, and you want to play with her all day everyday...and yet you also love to push her buttons - like running into her and pushing her unexpectedly and dog-piling her, you know, just because.

You are so excited to meet "Baby Brother" and ask to hear his heartbeat often on the Doppler I purchased from Amazon. Best purchase ever! Only problem, you are convinced that you also have a baby in your tummy, so we spend time listening for your "baby's" heartbeat as well. It's pretty cute of you.

You give really good tight hugs that I can't get enough of.  And if I ask you if you have a kiss for me you always say, "Yes." But then you just sit there. So I say, "Where is my kiss?" And then you point to your lips and say, "Right here!" Melt my heart!

You love to have your turn saying prayers and actually like for Holland to be the one to help you. You call Grandpa Charlie several times a week, just to say hi. You enjoy going to the Aquarium and getting your haircut, and you love pointing out both places whenever we drive by them - "There's my haircut!" "Look - it's the Aquarium!" You get pretty sad, sometimes to the point of tears, when we drop Holland off at Preschool on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

You are still sleeping in your crib, even after several people told me to give up and move you to a toddler bed. No way, Jose! You no longer climb out, which makes me happy. You still take naps, but definitely have your days of defiance where it just doesn't happen. But, a few times a week your naps are 3+ hours, so it makes up for the days that you are a stinker and scream "Get me out of here!" until we come rescue you from your room.

A little move about you lately:
  • eating preferences include granola, chocolate milk, grapes, yogurt (Yoplait Key Lime "green yogurt) and crackers (Ritz "circle crackers" and Wheat Thins)
  • favorite songs are The ABCs, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, and I Love to See the Temple
  •  words and phrases we hear from your mouth on a regular basis:
    • Poop
    • Sure
    • WHAT??
    • Yep
    • Come on Holland
    • When asked who you are you say, "I'm Taggart!" and you also like to make it clear that you are no longer a baby, but are now a "Big Boy."
    • Mommy, I just love you. (my fave - of course!)
    • Where's my "Liteling" (Lightning McQueen) and Mater 
    • Play disappear, Daddy. (which means you want to listen and dance to "Houdini" by Foster the People)
      • And, while we're at it, your dance moves are the BEST! I need to get a video of it. You do this little cross your legs over each other while running in circles and it's pretty darn funny!!
  • you might be slightly addicted to screens as there are several things you like to watch on the TV, Kindle, computer and/or anyone's phone, such as: Chuck and Friends, the movie "Cars", Mater Cars, Chuggington, Paw Patrol, any YouTube video about excavators, trains or heavy machinery. You also love the movie you borrowed from Grandma Lucy "The Island of Misfit Toys."
We love you Tagg and are so happy you are part of our family! Please keep making us laugh...every day!



Me and You...saying cheese!

Momma and her birthday boy.

Pictures of you over the past six months:


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Four and a Half - Say What?

At 4 1/2 you...

  • Are 3'7" and weigh 35 lbs.
  • Love to play make-believe and regularly can be heard talking to one of your "friends" (usually a Paw Patrol, Care Bear, 101 Dalmatians, Frozen, Cinderella or Rapunzel character)
  • Are extremely imaginative
  • Enjoy going to Preschool and really like your teacher, Mrs. Thompson
  • Beg to do UpStart (online preschool program) every day
  • Love to draw - especially rainbows, pictures of our family and flowers
  • Just finished your first season of soccer - you loved practice but did not enjoy the games (you claimed they were so long it would make your "legs tired" after the first 15-20 minutes)
  • Are so excited for your dance recital (Little Mermaid) June 2016! Needless to say, you love going to dance and definitely prefer ballet over tap
  • Still nap, although only about 3-4 times a week
  • Sleep in until at least 7:30 a.m., sometimes 8:00, most mornings - if you wake up earlier it's usually because Tagg is being loud
  • Are anxiously awaiting your new little brother to arrive (due March 1, 2016) so that you and Taggart can play Peter Pan with him. You've decided that you will be Wendy, Tagg will be John, and the baby will be Michael (Note to me: Halloween costume ideas for next year)
  • Are still a picky eater - but like strawberries, french fries, ice cream, noodles, ritz crackers ("circle crackers"), Nutella on graham crackers, Gogurt, and always MILK
  • Want a Peppermint Patty anytime I offer you a treat, which you call a "circle treat"
  • Like to dress yourself and come up with some really eclectic combinations some days
  • Sing a lot and like to make up, on the spot, stories and lyrics to songs
  • Insist on kissing Tagg on the lips every night before bed
  • Really want to "go on a trip where you fly on a plane"
  • Say the best prayers - and lately you pray that Taggart will "get on the potty train"
  • Like to have play dates with Sarah Grace, Hannah, Caroline, Siena and Aria
  • Wish to go to Disneyland every time you make a wish...and then always turn to ask me if star and dandelion wishes really come true
  • Rotate through your dress-up dresses and insist we call you by the name of the dress you are wearing
  • Ask when you will be five at least five times a day!

Holland, we love you so much. Please stop begging to turn five...time is already flying by too fast!!

xoxo ~Momma