Friday, July 25, 2014

Tagg - Twenty Months

Dear Tagg,

As I look at you right now I can hardly believe that you are a month older than Holland was the day you were born. She was still so tiny when we brought you home. She adored you from the beginning (who wouldn't though?) and I'm so grateful that the two of you are so close in age and are such cute little buddies. I hope the two of you will always be friends!

At 12 Months
Weight: 13 lb. 13 oz. (25th %)
Height: 25 in. (50th %)
Head Circumference: 43.2 cm (75th %)

At 15 Months
Weight: 19 lb. 13 oz. (5th %)
Height: 31 in. (10th %)
Head Circumference: 18.8 in. (75th %)

At 18 Months
Weight: 21 lb. 14 oz. (25th %)
Height: 32 in. (20th %)
Head Circumference: 19.3 in. (90th %)

At your 12 month check-up I discussed with the doctor my concern that you weren't yet really talking. You had said "Dada" "Daddy" and "Hi", but you hadn't really said them in relation to anything, so I think you were just merely trying out sounds and babbling. Dr. Michelle Chamberlain said that I shouldn't worry, but that if you weren't talking by your 15 month appointment we could discuss some interventions to help you.

On Sunday, February 23, I was getting you dressed and as I put on your socks you said, "Socks." All drawn out and emphasizing the "S". I was so excited! I kept making you say it over and over and over. Daddy was out of town so we called him to share your new word. Grandma Lucy was staying with us while Daddy was gone...she and I thought it was the cutest thing ever that you knew the word 'Socks.' From that point on your vocabulary exploded. The next word you learned was "Outside." You now say all kinds of things, and about every 3-4 days you say a new word.

You are a really good eater, most days. Last month we were out to eat and you grabbed an entire burger out of my hands and pounded down about half of it. You love grapes, noodles, fruit snacks, cereal and milk. Every morning you bring us the entire Costco size box of Goldfish for you to snack on before breakfast. The box is half your size!

I stopped nursing you on April Fools Day this year when you were 17 months old....but it was no joke. I had planned to stop when you turned one, but well, that didn't happen. You transitioned straight to a sippy cup and even though you weren't really big on drinking much cows milk, you were really good about weaning. Just recently, like in the past few weeks, you've started asking for milk and drinking about two cups a day.

You love, love, love to be outside. Any time the door is open you run out as fast as you can and when we try to get you to come back in and sometimes turns ugly. This past month you've started throwing yourself on the ground and crying when you don't get what you want. It's so cute...NOT! But it is pretty funny. I sometimes have to walk away so that you won't see me laughing at your temper tantrum.

When outside you are usually found riding your three wheeler or Holland's scooter (even though it's way too big for you), pushing around your dump truck or lawn mower, playing with cars, digging in the dirt, or getting as wet as possible. You also love to be pushed in the swing. In fact, if Holland is swinging you always want to get in the swing too, and that sometimes turns into one of those temper tantrums I mentioned above.

Your hair has definitely lost all hints of those dark locks you were born with. You are truly a blond hair blue eyed little heart breaker. I look at you and just gush...I cannot believe how darn cute you are. Your smile brightens my day and your laugh is completely contagious. I love to watch Holland when she sees you being silly. She cracks up and then the two of you just laugh and laugh and laugh. You are very aware of the fact that you are funny and you have this sly look about you at times when you are trying to get attention. I'm a sucker for your personality!

Your favorite books recently are Railroad Toad, Thomas the Tank Engine, Goodnight Moon, Little Blue Truck, and Trains. You are really good about sitting still and listening to about three stories in a row. You can be found a few times a day in the living room sitting by the fireplace just flipping through books. You've started saying "Show" when you want to watch TV, and then you specify "Mouse" so that I'll turn it to Mickey Mouse Club House. You also say "Usic" when you want music turned on. You often climb up and pound on the piano. I really hope you'll still want to do that when we put you in Piano lessons.

Tagg, you are a cuddly baby. I love it! Sometimes you grab on to my neck and snuggle into my chest and I feel like you and I are one. It's like you've just melted right into me. At these moments I don't want you to get any bigger, I don't want you to grow up. But then I remember that every age has precious moments and I'm definitely looking forward to many more new moments with you that I know I'm going to love and cherish.

You started nursery when you turned 18 months and there have only been a few times that you haven't wanted to go. I think it's helpful that your big sister is in there with you. I think it's so cute when you and Holland come walking out of nursery together with your coloring pages all proud and excited to show them to me and Daddy.

You are down to one nap, but it's generally between 2.5 - 3 hours. You go to bed for the night about 7:30 pm and have been waking up around 6:00 am (ugh!). You were sleeping until 7:15 am, but two vacations in a row messed up your schedule a bit. I'm really, really, really hoping I can get you back on track so we can all get one more precious hour of sleep each night. Wishful thinking perhaps, but whatever it takes baby.

Buddy, it's so fun to listen to you speak lately. I love to see if I can get you to say things. Lately I've been telling you to repeat after me as I say: "I." "Love." And then either "Mommy", or "Daddy" or "Holland", and occasionally "to poop." You now say "I" and then as soon as I say "love" you immediately jump straight to "DADDY!" Little stinker. You also like to count. When I say "one" you then say "two" and then I say "three" and then next you always say "SIX!" So funny! You like to recite colors as well. You don't associate the names with the actual colors yet, but I can hear you walking around reciting "Lello. Geen. Blue." quite often. It's stinkin' cute!

Well, my little man, I love you so so so much!! Please stay cute, funny, sweet and cuddly...forever.

Love you.



Happy Half-Birthday to Tagg and Daddy!
First day of nursery


"Flop-Flops" from Gma Lucy and Gpa Charlie

Found mom's lipstick - naughty!

That notorious hamburger

Taken today! Happy 20 Months, Taggart Craig!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taylor Reunion 2014

Even though I'm not a fan of camping (and it's ALWAYS camping) I love the Taylor Reunion. It's fun to reconnect and relax with those I love. Plus, there are always those Taylor activities that you never want to miss: The Auction, Uncle Adrian's Store, and the Candy Canon!

This past week, Wednesday through Saturday was spent up Hobble Creek Canyon, but we slept at my parents' house and would head up the canyon each morning. Tagg napped great in my parents' motor home and Holland enjoyed a three day break from napping (Argh!)

My mom's oldest brother's family was in charge this year, and they did a great job. Mainly is was my cousin Grant and his family that did the major work. The theme was "Honoring Those Who Serve." Each family was given a branch of the military. We got the Navy, since my dad was a Navy Seabee. He even has the tattoo to prove it, but Shhhh, don't tell him I told you.

These anchor t-shirts were a last-minute idea of mine. I grabbed a few grey t-shirts and painted the anchor on with fabric paint. I think they turned out pretty cute!

The kids were seriously in heaven playing outside. All. Day. Long! Riding bikes, swinging, and getting as wet and dirty as possible.

Jaxon ~ Holland ~ Zackary

Uncle Shane made getting wet even more fun!

Shane took Holland down to the river for the Rubber Duckie Race. He said that as soon as they got there Holland declared, "I want to do that!" Meaning, she wanted to get in the river. And so she did. And she loved it!!

Side Note: Tyler won the Rubber Duckie Race, even though he wasn't there. And, Holland's duck got stuck in the weeds upstream and never crossed the finish line. Life was not OK until that darn duck was found.

This is how Holland and Tagg did the "Forced March" one morning...

My mom is the cutest!
And now for just a few other random shots...of the people I call my FAMILY. Love them. Kind of stinks that I didn't get a picture of everyone that was there...hey...Uncle Adrian...I need that picture of our entire family!!!

Holland loved the water fight...until she herself got squirted. It's all fun getting others wet, right? But when they do the same to you...TEARS! She was also excited about the Candy Cannon, but as you can see, the launch of the candy each time was spent with her fingers in her ears. She is VERY sensitive to noise...sheesh!

We really had a great time...and are already excited for Taylor Reunion 2016!

Girl cousins and the best friends to have!

Me and my Magpie

My dad on the bike Maggie won the highest bid for at the Kids Auction.
Cookies for dinner? Yep!
She loves him!

This was taken after Tyler went for a bike ride up the canyon. He took a wrong turn...and didn't get back until an hour and a half after he said I should expect him!
Uncle Adrian ~ My mom ~ Aunt Florence ~ Uncle Myron (Aun Beth wasn't able to make it)
See! She really, really loves him!
Christopher ~ Tagg

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Trip to Idaho

We just got back from a 6-day trip to visit family in Idaho. We had such a great time!

Holland, although just finishing up three sessions of swim lessons back-to-back, she did not want to swim when she saw her Kofoed Cousins' pool. After sitting on the patio for a while, watching the rest of us have fun, I asked her if she wanted to sit on this orange floatie. She did, but didn't want to put on her bathing suit. I told her she could just get in the pool in her clothes. She loved that idea! It only took a few minutes before she was changed into her bathing suit and LOVING the pool.

The morning of the Fourth, this lady right here, my lovely other mother, accidentally picked up our car keys, thinking they were hers, and put them in her purse. So, when Holland and I were ready to head to the parade in Middleton with the Kofoeds we ended up searching for our keys for a 45 minutes. I finally, after pushing the thought out of my head several times, asked if maybe mom had put them in her purse on accident. Sure enough...there they were. We had missed the parade, but that didn't stop us from having a great Independence Day.

We went to the Kofoeds for a pool party with lots of Spencer and Erin's friends and family. The kids loved the pool, jumping on the trampoline, and sliding down the slide. They also ate pretty much nothing but Red Vines and watermelon the entire day..
When I asked Abey to snap a pic of us in the pool she said she needed to take a "selfie" first. Haha! Teens!

We spotted a caterpillar and the kids could have watched it crawl around the sidewalk forever.
After the kids were in bed, Tyler and I went back to Middleton and met up with the Kofoed's for fireworks. It was a small town celebration and I loved it!!!

We spent time on Grandma's patio everyday. Holland was in heaven when Grandma Maggie asked her if she wanted to help her water the flowers. She helped her everyday after that. Tagg got in on the action one morning as well...naked!


After church we snapped a family picture, and then both kids slept until dinner time! Sweet. During Sacrament Meeting Holland colored a picture and then excused herself from the row and took off. We had no idea where she was going. She quickly ran to the back and around to the other isle where Grandma Maggie was sitting at the end of the row we were sitting on. She handed the picture to Grandma and ran right back to us and sat down. So cute! She and Tagg, with only a little hesitation in the beginning, stayed in the nursery for the entire two hours. Nice job, kiddos.

I love these two like nothing else!!!

Sunday afternoon Holland and Daniel decided it would be fun to push each other around in this outdoor toy box. Holland literally squealed the entire time...yelling, "Faster. Faster. Faster." Holland also learned to play Rumikub with Aunt Erin.

Popsicles for dessert
 Holland got to have a very late night on Sunday. Tagg, however, was in bed. The cousins played soccer and ran around in the yard until almost 10 p.m.

Once Brandon and family arrived, Holland was glued to Rebecca's side the entire time. They were really cute together and Holland kept referring to her as "The girl."

The kids slept so well, even when they stayed up way past their bedtime every single night. And, I don't think Holland took a single nap the entire time. That will only happen on vacation!

Saying goodbye to Grandma Maggie. We had so much fun and can hardly wait for next summer when ALL the Pace's will be getting together! Come visit us soon, Grandma!

We rented a trailer to bring home a lot of boxes, pictures and the desk from Tyler's dad's old office. We're excited for our basement remodel to be finished so we can get the desk set up in our own office.

On the drive home Tyler turned on some of his own music, instead of kid music, while the kids were watching a movie. When I turned around this is what I saw...  They kill me!


It was real Idaho. See you again soon!