Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hurt in the Dirt

Tyler and I are crazy, that's for sure! I found this race and really wanted to do it. I showed the link to Tyler and he said, "Why not? Sign us up!" We really had NO idea what we were getting into. I did the running portion and Tyler did the mountain biking.

The course started at Ogden's historic Fort Buenaventura. The bike course was 5.1 miles and the run course was 1.75 miles. I started by running the course twice and then Tyler did the bike course twice and then we repeated that again! Once the pain had set in, we had completed approximately 8 miles of running and 20 miles of biking.

It was definitely HARD. Seriously. As I was ducking under logs and climbing over some of them, running through the river, climbing wobbly log stairs and sliding down sandy slopes, I thought - why the !@#$ am I doing this? While Tyler was out on his bike doing equally crazy, hard maneuvers on his bike, I had a little time to recover. But then, I had to do it all over again.

In the end, we both said it was totally fun and we're ready to do it again next year! We took ninth place in the mixed-team division, finishing in 03:13:20.8.

Don't worry - it's Rootbeer!

It rained for awhile...mostly while Tyler was out on his bike. But this was the reward!


jun said...

That looks absolutely awesome. Congrats on a great race.
Please tell me you are familiar with the "Double Rainbow" video on youtube. If not, check it out and then look at your last photo again and you'll laugh for a long time.

toddeppley said...

Hey that's a nice jersey Tyler has there. Looks like you had a great time. Next year you should switch and make T do the running.