Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Snow,

When it's May and I'm anticipating a long, warm Memorial Day Weekend, I really want you to just go away! I would say that you shouldn't take it personally, should take this personally. I want you and all of your flaky friends to take a hike. Go. Away. Now. Please! Don't cry about it either, 'cause I don't want your weepy friend rain to stick around here either. Take slush, hail, bluster, ice, blizzard, lake effect, sleet, freezing, chilly and frost with you too! I want the soggy days to be gone and the sun to come out and play.

Don't worry, I'll want you back again for such occasions as, um...Christmas and maybe one or two days after that.

But for now...and for months to long, farewell, bon voyage, buh-bye!



( Looking out my office window at 10 a.m. today)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Bloomed in the Love Sac...or Playoffs: Precursor to Passion

Our first "date" was on Sunday, May 20, 2007. Tyler asked for my number at a party the night before and invited me to watch the Jazz and the Spurs in the NBA Playoffs from the comforts of his LoveSac. I wore a Jazz jersey. But, cheered for Tony Parker! What? He's hot!

We sat (with a bit of cuddling) on the LoveSac, watched the game, and that was the beginning of our story...well...unless you want me to go back to December 2006 when we actually first met. Okay, okay, we'll save that for another day.

For now, I just want to say, thanks, Tyler, for swooping in to sit on the bench and ask for my number before Steve or Everton could complete their flirting strategies. Lucky me!

Our first pic - August 2007 at Grandma Pace's.
p.s. Tonight I just want to hang out on the LoveSac with Mr. Pace. Wish we had one.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Runner Toes and Ladies Clothes

How did I get these toes?

By running 13.1 miles...

My mom and I were all ready to head out the door for the starting line of the 2010 Ogden Half Marathon when Tyler said, "Um...Mother Lucy, do you have some running clothes I can wear? I might as well run the race with you guys. I mean, what else am I going to do for the next two hours?"

After 2 hours and 20 seconds of running, Tyler and I crossed the finish line. Yes - hand in hand! I had trained...Tyler had not. He never ceases to amaze me!! I LOVED having him as a running partner. Anyone think I'm well on my way to turning my man into a runner??

19 minutes later, my mom crossed the finish line placing 2nd in her age division! Go Mom!!

Running is exhilarating and exhausting, painful and precious, and something I hope to do for the rest of my life.

Favorite Quote of the Day:

(A few hours after the race was over and we were starting to feel the muscle tightness set in - we started laughing at the fact that Tyler just up and decided to run a HALF MARATHON minutes before the gun was fired at the start line)

Tyler: I can't believe I just ran for 2 straight hours.
Mom: And in MY clothes!
Brigitte: Seriously! Why did you do that?
Tyler: So I could spend time with you...
Brigitte sighs and falls deeper in love!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Political Post

While I was pedaling my heart out, Tyler was being a diligent delegate at the Republican State Convention. Ya, I turned the delegate reigns over to him when I realized that it conflicted with the Goldilocks Ride which I had committed to do with Lisa beforehand. No way was I going to stand her up. Tyler had been to all of the meetings with me and was VERY educated on the candidates. He was at the Salt Palace all day! I'm still jealous of the experience he had of being there and seeing the political process in action. I hope to have the opportunity again someday.

After my ride, mom and I brought Tyler some lunch and hung out for a while.

Oh yeah...I bike!

Saturday, along with my sister-in-law, Lisa, I participated in the Goldilocks...Women only bike ride. It's a fully supported, non-competitive, women only, charity cycling event. And seriously...SO FUN!

There were 15, 30 and 60 mile options. We did 30 miles! The first hill was torture, the first steep downhill was a bit scary and exhilarating at the same time and at mile 26 I kind of wanted to be done. My butt bones hurt! I kept pedaling and was excited to cross the finish line. At that point, I decided that I now really, really, really (Tyler, you reading this?) want a road bike!! I could get used to this kind of cycling.

Who wants to join us next year??

Thanks to Mom, Todd, Nathan and Sheri for being there to support!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

That Girl

You know that girl at the gym? The one that has a cute, matching outfit on. She has her hair pulled up, but you know she took a few minutes to actually do it so that she wouldn't look like she just rolled out of bed - even though it's only 6 a.m. She has a bit of makeup on as well, just some mascara and lip gloss for that au naturale look. Her stomach is flat and you can see her abs. Her arms and legs are defined. Her butt is, well...perfect! And, even though she looks like maybe, just maybe she is too good to be true, she actually breaks a sweat when she's doing cardio and she looks determined with every set and every rep of weights she lifts.

Have you seen her?

I want to be her!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today I Learned

Today I learned a scripture story I do not remember learning about before. I learned that we all have agency and the right to choose for ourselves. I learned that if we ask our Father in Heaven for something over and over we may actually get it, even though we've been told 'no' several times before. I learned that when Heavenly Father finally gets tired of saying 'no,' and he finally says 'yes''s not always in our best interest. Think of Joseph Smith asking to allow Martin Harris to show the golden plates to his wife. And this story, about Balaam, in the Old Testament.

I learned that one cannot serve God and man at the same time. I learned that it is not a good thing to live on the edge, but it is best to choose wisely and stick to what we know is right. I learned that with God all things are possible. I learned that when we put ourselves and our selfish desires first we are no longer promised happiness. I learned that Heavenly Father loves each of us and wants us to choose the path of eternal life.

But, for me, the best thing I learned today wasn't about the lesson, but about the teacher. I learned that my husband has a very strong testimony of the Gospel and a love for the scriptures. I learned that my husband is willing and eager to teach with a humble heart and with Thy Spirit directing him. I learned that my husband will take the time to prepare so that he can teach others what our Father in Heaven would have them learn.

Today I learned that my husband is an amazing teacher! I am so blessed to learn from him...each and every day.