Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not just getting fat...


Here are a few things you should know:

2) I've been sick...and it sucks!
3) The smell of cooking chicken, musty bathrooms, apple air-freshener and Tyler's cologne make me heave.
4) I haven't been to the gym in about 8 weeks.
5) Tyler is the MOST PATIENT person I know!
6) I want a girl.
7) Tyler thinks it's a boy.
8) Yes, We will find out the sex and we'll let you know.
9) We're the people even I hate. We're not going to tell you the name (or even the real options) until the babe arrives! I know. We bug!
10) Due date = April 27

Hopefully this nausea business ends soon so I can feel normal again. (If it doesn't happen soon Tyler might kick me out.) Fingers crossed, though, that it happens soon...and then I'll post some pics, some stories and more details...'cause I'm sure you're dying to know!


Sheri said...

Since I never officially congratulated you on FB...I'll add my written congratulations here. I'm hoping you have a girl too...I just can't wait so I can go shopping for her...ok or him! My prediction...10 days til you feel better. Congrats, love you. Sheri

Suzie said...

Girls are so much more fun to dress!!!

It took me to about 15 weeks to get over the nausea, but everyone is different so hopefully it won't last that long for you.

Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you and Tyler and the new and exciting journey you're embarking on. I might be just a wee bit biased but I sure do love boys...they are wild and crazy but so dang sweet all in the same breath. :) Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy!

James and Michelle's Family said...

Yeah, don't tell people the name. We weren't going to and then ended up letting it out, and James made us change it at the last minute because people kept saying "oh, my so and so is named that". ANNOYING!

Michelle said...


Melonie said...

Congratulation! I couldn't have made it through the first three months without Phenergan, Zofran, and Zantac (rotated through them). Ask your doctor about it if you get desperate. I hope it passes quickly for you!

Jen said...

Yea!!! I've been soooo excited for you!!! Good luck with the nausea. It sucks but it will come to an end. It's really the worst part of pregnancy in my opinion, and you get it over with early.

Rob and I both totally wanted a girl (I'd even picked up a couple of dresses after the ultrasound at 12 weeks looked girl-ish) but I was thrilled to find out we were having a boy. And now that Keaton's here, I woudn't want any other baby.

Can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy!

P.S. Good decision on not sharing your name. Amazing how honest people will be about their opinions. Haters...

Kari Howell said...

I LOVE IT!!!! OK, so so soo soooo soooooo happy for you guys! It was also sooooo great to see you last week, we really need to plan an outing of some type. Let me know when is good!! You look awesome by the way. And, when is your ultrasound appointment??? Need to know the gender!!!!

Kari Howell said...

OK I just wrote this whole post that didn't go through- the gist of it was...sooo sooo soo happy for you, let's get together ASAP! You look amazing and let us know the ultrasound date - gotta know the gender of this baby!

Kari Howell said...

ohhhh... you have to appreov my comments- don't leave them both :) I'm just sayin' ... and delete this one too! LOVE YA!