Saturday, October 11, 2008

36! Are you kidding me?

*Ya...I just happened to have a shirt with my age on it!*

Okay, I know I don't look it (hee hee) but it's true...I just turned 36! Yeah, you heard me right. THIRTY SIX!! As my niece (thank you Sydnie!) pointed out at my family birthday party, "That's almost 40!" Oh my gosh -- she's not kidding. I am almost 40. Does that scare anyone besides me?

I've never had a difficult time with my age...until this year. So, I figured, I can either cry about it...or be grateful for the life I have lived, experiences I have been blessed with, and the opportunity I have to still enjoy the journey!

36 things I have learned in 36 years:

1. Broken hearts really do heal
2. Running is fun
3. The Savior loves me
4. My parents really do know what is best
5. It’s okay to only wash my hair every 4 days
6. I’m a morning person, not a night owl
7. I always give people the benefit of a doubt
8. I’m a flirt…and a darn good one!
9. Bright colors put a smile on my face
10. I really hate camping
11. I clean the house when I’m stressed
12. Reality TV is dumb, but I love it
13. I don’t know, yet, what my passion is…hopefully I will someday
14. I enjoy public speaking
15. Everyone has feelings, and what I say can really hurt or really help
16. Good friends are a blessing in my life
17. A bubble bath soothes me
18. Painting my toes makes me feel pretty
19. Sometimes a good cry is just what I needed
20. Getting my hair cut makes me feel sassy
21. I drive too fast
22. My favorite beverage is water…water…and more water
23. I love going to the dentist
24. Making my bed every morning really does make a difference
25. Lying is no good
26. I like to pick at things
27. I hate milk!
28. Pulp, pills and brushing my teeth make me gag
29. I got my determination, stubbornness and gag reflex from my Dad
30. I got my tear ducts, kind heart, and metabolism from my Mom
31. My brothers would do anything for me
32. My little sister thinks the world of me
33. I'm way cuter now than I was in high school
34. Prayers really are answered
35. It’s okay to be me
36. A hug and a kiss make me feel better

**Some of the people that helped me celebrate**




*Mom*Brigitte* (My whole family was there, but I didn't get a pic)

What Is A Friend?

A friend is someone who will drop everything...and I mean EVERYTHING...just because they love you!!

Thanks Kim...for EVERYTHING!!

This pic is obviously a couple years old (note the length of my hair!) taken on a night that a few of my best friends from High School got together. (From left to right: Kim, Amy, Shauna, Leslie, Cheryl, and me.) It's amazing to think that we've been friends for over 20 years!! Kim is one of those friends that I hope we all have, where no matter how much time and distance passes we're still there for one matter what!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Heart Conference!

5 Reasons Why I Heart Conference...(in somewhat particular order, but not really!)

5) Spending most of the weekend in my PJs

4) Knowing that even though it's cold outside, the Spirit burns within

3) Conference Tickets from my amazing, beautiful, educated friend, Dr. Stacy Shumway (Yes! Doctor.)...and not just tickets...REALLY GOOD TICKETS! (Maybe I should really be thanking her dad Elder W. Douglas Shumway of the Second Quorum of the Seventy.)

2) An entire weekend filled with direction, inspiration, and incredible music (Loved the childrens choir!)

1) The ever-present reminder that I am a Child of God and that by following His example, heeding the words of the Prophet, and holding to the Iron Rod I will one day be in His presence again!!