Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've started snoring recently. So much so that it wakes me up. But, worse, it KEEPS Tyler awake. Our nights the past few weeks have been pretty much real REM at our house. We read our scriptures, say our prayers, a little kiss and exchange of "I love you!" and then the madness begins.

It goes a lot like this: I fall asleep, Tyler nudges me, I apologize for snoring and roll over. I fall asleep again, Tyler nudges me again, I apologize...again. And this continues through the night. Tyler even sleeps with music under his pillow and an ear plug in the other ear.

Well, when I woke up this morning, Tyler wasn't there!! I found him sound asleep, all curled up in his favorite down comforter in our downstairs guest room. He looked so happy and peaceful. It kind of made me I woke him up!

I've done some research and have found that snoring is a common "symptom" of pregnancy. good, that makes me feel better. But, wait...well...let me copy it word for word. "What causes snoring during pregnancy: The most likely culprits are nasal congestion and excessive weight gain (both common among the pregnant set), although snoring could be a symptom of sleep apnea or gestational diabetes, so please let your doctor know if you are snoring more than usual."

Are you kidding me? Excessive weight gain? Sleep apnea? Gestational diabetes? Wow - pregnancy just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Anyone else have this lovely and attractive symptom during pregnancy? If so, any advice on stopping the snore-fest so that my husband won't have to retreat to the basement just to get some sleep??

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Scene: It's after 10 o'clock last night. We (my slightly younger, loving and ever-sensitive husband and I) are laying in bed. I am drifting to sleep fast (sleeping pills already down to curb the nausea!) and he is watching the Auburn vs. Oregon championship football game.

T: "Not to say that you are old, but you are twice the age of these players."

B: (No longer drifting to sleep!) "What??? How old are they?" (I was kind of bugged...a little.)

T: "You know - 18, 19...some 20."

B: (Maybe still a little bit drifting to sleep...and remember, I take sleeping pills.) "What is 19x2?"

T: "38."

B: "Oh. Don't ever say that to me again!"

And then I snuggled up next to him and let myself start to drift off to sleep again, because even though he occasionally points out these things that I really do not want to hear, I love him...a lot!!!
*Our 2010 Christmas Card Photo (taken on Tyler's Birthday / Thanksgiving)

Monday, January 10, 2011

What I left Out In 2010

This may bore you, but I need to post a few things that happened in the last few months of 2010...if only for posterity. Tomorrow I'll tackle the baby items that are more so needing to be blogged about. I can't wait to fill you in on all the little details that I've left out because my nauseau, tiredness and just plain feeling like crap have gotten in the way of. Now for the update:

SEPTEMBER: I had recently learned that I was pregnant, but I had already agreed to do the Womanwonder Ride with my sister-in-law, Lisa. I was feeling nauseous and bloated, but I I didn't want to not do the ride...and we weren't ready to announce that we were pregnant yet either. Well...we had told both sets of parents already, but no one else. (I'll tell you about that with the baby-update!)

The ride was fun, but man, riding through stinky farm land about did me in. Tyler dressed up and joined us on the ride - it was a girls only ride. He claimed it was for fun, but really he did it for me! I love that he did that. I needed him to get me through and to help me keep my cookies down. He gained quite the fan club as well. Girls asked for photo-ops with him. Man oh man...he's MY MAN!!

Later in September was my birthday. Not sure why we don't have pics from the family party, but my actual birthday fell on the night of YWs. We went bowling. The girls insisted that Tyler joined us. It was fun! Oh - FYI - I was called to be the YWs President in my ward earlier in the Spring. Just thought you should know. =)

OCTOBER: Went to dinner with my parents and had the BIGGEST SCONES EVER!!! They tried to warn us, but we really didn't believe that they would be THIS BIG!

The next day was my Dad's Birthday...and the day my parents received a mission call to serve at the Springvilled Cannery as service missionaries. It was so fun to see how excited they were and it was great to be there as they were set apart. My Dad didn't serve a full-time mission when he was younger - he wasn't active in the church then - so it was so great to hear his excitement and see the light in his eyes! My mom was thrilled as well - of course!

The best part is, they get to serve once a week and still live at home and spend time with family. I think this is only going to ignite their desire to serve a full-time mission in the near future. So excited for the blessings that will come to them for this sacrifice of service. What great examples they are to our family! (Mom - send me a pic so I can add it on here, pretty please?)

Also in October, we were excited to see the colors changing and just had to take a drive and take a few pics.

NOVEMBER: Tyler had a birthday...and oh, it happened to fall on the same day as Thanksgiving! Poor guy. Always competing with that day of thanks. I guess after 31 years you just deal with it. Our cute niece! She's so sweet...and loves her Uncle Tyler!

I made these myself...for Thanksgiving Dinner! Turned out pretty perfect.

DECEMBER: Um...not much. Just bought a new house, moved in and celebrated Christmas. =) I'll post about that as soon as I find the pics!! But just so you know...we LOVE our new place!

So much to blog about... little effort being made to do so!

I will blog tonight.



p.s. Comments of encouragement are appreciated...and needed!!! =)