Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Dele...What?

Last Wednesday, March 23rd, at 7 p.m. I attended the Republican Caucus Night. I went to show that I can be political. To prove that I have a voice. To declare that I care who speaks for me and my opinions at a political level. To stand up and say, "I'm proud to be an American!"

Honestly, I wanted to see what a Caucus really is. I wanted to feel things out and see how, in the future, I can be more involved politically. Well, when all was said and done, I walked out of the meeting a nominated and elected State Delegate!

The guy I replaced didn't seem all that happy. I guess that's why we have elections, right? Let the people choose, let them vote and let the one with the most votes represent the people. He still shook my hand and wished me luck. Not sure how sincere he was...

I feel a bit humbled and mystified. I feel encouraged (and honestly...a bit forced) to do a lot of research and figure out who are the best candidates. I FEEL SO POLITICAL!

I do have an opinion, I'm just not one to share my political opinions openly...for the most part.
But, now, I'm representing my precinct and I'm going to make them proud!

I love America! I love that we all have the right to vote...however we may choose!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This past weekend Tyler and I along with my brother and sister-in-law, Todd and Lisa, headed to St. George for a little shopping (girls) and mountain biking (boys).

And then, on to Vegas for an experience that was loud, fast and totally exciting! We were among the rednecks of the rednecks!

It was a lot of fun; amazing weather, jaw-dropping and ear-burning sites and sounds of white-trash and a surprisingly fun event to watch.

This was our first time at a NASCAR race, or any professional race of this caliber, but Todd and Lisa are seasoned veterans. They graciously showed us the ropes! They taught us how to maneuver the pre-entertainment (aka people watching), how to breathe without inhaling secondhand smoke and how to communicate with drunk spectators.

We have to admit, watching cars go around in a circle sounds rather boring on most occasions, but when you're surrounded by 200,000+ drunk, screaming racists, it's actually quite entertaining! The thunderous sound that 40+ race cars make when they go by at 190 mph is pretty impressive.

For us...this was an experience we will not forget!! We had a blast! However, next time we'll watch from the smokeless comforts of our living room.

But, another weekend trip with Todd and Lisa is a definite-must on our to-do list!!! Thanks guys...=)

And, finally...for my friends and former-coworkers at 3M...

Tyler's Day at the Man Spa

In February...he got "the works!"
Tyler's hair a few day's before
(with Brigitte and Grandma Pace)


Scalp Treatment

Beard Prep



Catching up...

...on blog-worthy events!

In January my mom turned 65! We celebrated. Food. Decorations. Presents. Party hats!!
Happy Brithday, Mom! Because of you...I am who I am today. Thank you...thank you...thank you!
I love you...

Also in January, Tyler and I celebrated THANKSGIVING!
It's true. Well, sort of. It was our own special Thanksgiving Day.
Tyler was offered a job and we were so HAPPY! We had a turkey in the freezer and decided to cook it in THANKS for all of our blessings. We really are so BLESSED...and so thankful!

Here's to Tom the Turkey and Tyler the Employed!!!

And finally, January brought a little bang and a few layers!

Please Pardon...

...the interruption!

This blog address has now been updated and new posts will be available shortly. Like, tonight!

Thank you for your patience.

~Tyler and Brigitte