Monday, September 28, 2009

Showered With Gifts

Lucky me...another bridal shower (the week before my wedding)! Sheri organized it all, and with the help of many of my friends, pulled off a totally fun shower! Thank you friends! Sheri even interviewed Tyler with questions about me. So cute...and something I'm keeping forever. It's at my mom's house...I'll post it this weekend!
Me and Sheri (best friend and 8-year roommie!)

Kim (bestie from High School) and Me

Me and my gifts...

Me and mi fave Madre

Tina (fave sis), Me, Mom, Lisa
and M (for Emily)

Mandi and Me

Collette, Tricia, Me, Sheri and Kari

Table of yummy food!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cute Little Chump Change

This is Zackery Michael - cutest little man doing a spur-of-the-moment photoshoot...'cause I thought he was so darn cute in his 'Jr. Missionary' onesie (which I bought...of course!)

I want to snuggle and kiss him right now! Darn the darn...he lives in Texas. Boo Hoo!

Girls Night Out

Afer the Family Bridal Shower, my nieces came to have a GNO and Bachelorette Party of sorts. We played in the pool, watched a movie, ate Pizza, and then they all spent the night. I wish I would have taken a pic - my entire living room floor was covered with cute little girls!

The next morning we all went to church. The Primary was singing and two of my nieces got up to sing with them - which almost doubled the Primary. Okay - not really - but close. =)

I only got pics of us at the pool...

Family Bridal Shower mom, sister, sisters-in-law, and nieces threw me a fabulous Bridal Shower. And my Aunt Roi Lee hosted it at her house in North Ogden. Most of my realatives live in the greater Ogden area, so it was a great location.

Taylor Family Tradition: Grocery Shower! I received so many boxes of food I can't even get them all in our cupboards. We will be well-fed for a long time to come...if only I can figure out how to cook half the stuff. Hmmm...good thing Tyler likes to cook!