Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our 'Master'

Well, of Business Administration.

We are so, so, so happy that Tyler has finished his Masters of Business Administration! He started the MBA program with Western Governors University a little less than a year ago and plowed right through.

Commencement will be later this year, but he is officially done. Diploma to prove it. Yay!

Thanks for being so amazing, Tyler!! We love you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tummy Time and a Play Date

We need to seriously focus on making sure Taggart gets some tummy time more everyday! I am a freak about the thought of my kids having flat heads. Ugh! I would be so bugged. So, Tyler put Tagg on his tummy today and he was not all. But then, he just relaxed, stuck his fingers in his mouth and all was good in his world. Now, I wonder if he'll be this content next time...


And, seriously, I'm a little nervous that he's going to be a finger-sucker. Oh no!

Kristen Matsalla invited Holland over this morning for a play date with Carson. She and I decided that we need to start giving the kids the opportunity to play at each others houses...without mom and/or dad there. You know, to get used to being separated and reunited - a healthy process to go through. I was a little nervous that she wouldn't want me to leave once we got there and/or she would freak a few minutes later and I would need to come back and pick her up.

So, to resolve issue number one, I had Tyler drop her off. She's already used to him dropping her at nursery every Sunday, so I figured this would at least be familiar to her. Plus, lately, she has a serious case of the I-Only-Want-Mommy syndrome.

We've known about the play date for a few days, so we've been talking about it a lot. This morning she was over-the-top excited to "go Carson's." I took this picture of her right before she headed out the door and then text (texted?) it to Kristen.

She responded with this picture saying that Carson is waiting by the window for Holland to arrive.

And then a while later, Kristen sent this picture and said that they were playing really well together.

When Tyler picked up Holland a couple hours later, he said they were in the back yard playing on the jungle-gym and having so much fun!! So happy that Holland has such a cute little boyfriend to play with.

In fact, lately, Carson and Kristen are pretty much part of the family. When we ask Holland who she loves, she always adds Carson and Kristen into the mix of names. At least Mommy, Daddy, and Taggart get on the list at the beginning. But, it's still a toss up as to where the grandparents fit. I guess they all need to come visit more often...hint, order to secure their positions. Ha!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Excited

Good News: She's finally getting excited about swim lessons. Bad News: Next week is the last class.


Tyler took her to class today. She was so excited to go...finally...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You Ride It?

We bought a Strider Bike for Holland today. She was actually pretty excited about it. Tyler lowered the seat, helped her on and she started walking and pushing herself along...sort of.

Then, this is what she decided to do next.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This Way, Mommy

We are all sick today. Holland has had a runny nose for days and then last night Tagg started coughing and his nose started running. By this morning, Tyler and I both had sore throats and were all stuffed up. Ugh! It sucks being sick when I'm the one who needs to take care of everyone else when they are sick. Secretly I was hoping all day that my mom would just show up on our doorstep and take care of us. Isn't that everyone's wish when they are sick?

We had two excursions today to get us out of the house: the grocery store for tissues and OJ (and Girl Scout cookies!) and a drive downtown with Tyler to pick up a bike. Those were the two moments I didn't have sick kids vying for my lap and attention.

When we got home from getting the bike, Holland and I checked the mail. I held her up and she reached in and grabbed the mail...and hung on tight to a bright pink flier about the upcoming neighborhood clean up. She couldn't have cared less for the two white envelopes - how boring.

As soon as I put her back down she took off running down the sidewalk toward the church. I just figured she was going to run up a few houses. She'd pretty much been inside all day and probably just needed to get a little energy out. Three, four houses, and I suggested we turn around. "No, Mommy. This way." And she kept running. Then we were at Creek Road and she just kept on running. "This way, Mommy. This way!" Seriously running and holding on to the pink flier the entire way. She was cracking me up!!

I kept thinking, and suggesting, that she would get tired and turn around. Nope. Within minutes we were all the way down Highland at the very back of our neighborhood...without a way in from there. Bug. I had to force Holland to turn around and start running back toward home. It was cold. I was hungry. And remember, we're all sick??

Finally, once we were almost home, (literally 3 houses away) Holland tripped and fell. She has a lovely cut on her cute chin now. Sad. She barely even cried. Is she really MY daughter?

The moral of the story: kids hate being cooped up, even when they are sick. Or, Holland knows I haven't exercised in a while so she was bound and determined to help me get a little brisk walk in before the week ended.

I love you, Miss Bliss!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Sweetest Word


I seriously LOVE the word 'mommy.' In fact, it just might be my favorite word ever. Just hearing Holland say it makes me more happy than I can even begin to explain. I've never smiled more about a simple word. I've never wanted to hear a single word spoken more than I currently want to hear this word!

"Thank you, Mommy."
"Please, Mommy?"
"Look at that, Mommy."
"Hear that, Mommy?"
"Where Daddy, Mommy?"
"My tummy, Mommy." (Meaning her tummy hurts...but we think it's a fake out.)
"I love you, Mommy!"

I hear each of these, and many more, several times a day. And it never gets old. I love it, I love it, I love it!

"Watch TV, Mommy." (Okay, this one is not my fave.)

Even when I heard, "I hold you, Mommy!" shouted over and over tonight (long after she had gone to sleep), I still had to smile.

Tonight I went and picked her up and let her hold me...and loved hearing her ask, "Milk, Mommy."

The sweetest word I've ever heard is definitely "Mommy!"

Somedays...'s just good to your PJs...all day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Well Rounded

Our well-rounded little girl: Loves cars. Loves dolls.

And we love her!

Sun and Snow

It was sunny today, but there was still snow on the we took advantage of both! Probably (hopefully) our last time playing in the snow this season. Winter - please be over. Spring - we need you!!!