Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Year Down...Forever to Go!

Tyler planned a GREAT weekend for us to celebrate our first anniversary. It started with dinner and a play at Sundance. We didn’t stay for much since we were so excited to check out our room…I mean the pool…at The Homestead in Midway.

We went to the pool for a bit and then we were hungry. We paid $6.50 for two very small boxes of cereal and a cup of milk to satisfy us until morning. It was 10 p.m. and the restaurant had just closed. That was all they had to offer.

Our room was cozy and we snuggled in bed while we discussed how quickly the year had gone by and how excited we are to start another year together. We’re excited to no longer be considered the newlyweds! I mean, one full year makes us experts at marriage, right? Okay. We’re not naïve. We really have learned a lot this year though!

Saturday morning I was so excited to give Tyler a gift. As you may know, the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary. I got him two books, one is a bathroom book (for some good humor) and the other is a finance book (he’s pretty much a finance guru). I had it wrapped so cute with a roll of toilet paper and a 20 dollar bill as part of the bow. He laughed. I love him!

We strolled along the Homestead grounds. It’s really pretty up there! We grabbed some breakfast at The Store and then got ready for our fun day. Tyler gave me the best card ever and some cash…

…and then he took me shopping in Park City! I got a cute skirt and shirt at Banana, and still have some cash to spend. I’ll probably save it for Christensen’s in St. George this next weekend.

Our next adventure was definitely for Tyler. He LOVES trains…and he loves to chase them…and he loves to take pics of them. We spent a couple hours driving up and down Echo Canyon trying to get good shots. I love to watch Tyler do something that he loves.

We hung out on the tracks for quite awhile before we saw the first train. We snapped some pics. And Tyler just couldn’t wait any longer. When nature calls…

Next we took the LONG (or should I say BUMPY) road to Logan. Tyler knew it was a dirt road, but didn’t realize it was quite as “dirt” as it was. We drove on this for about 20 miles. It was slow…but pretty!

Once in Logan we ate some great Indian food and then headed to the Elaine Eccles Theater on Main for the Utah Opera summer production of The Sound of Music. It was incredible! We both loved it.

I am so darn lucky to have this man by my side. I love him - I love him – I love him!!!
Thanks, Tyler, for being the best husband ever, and my best friend.
I can't wait for forever!


Memmotts said...

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. I love the gift and gift wrapping idea. You guys are super cute together.. xo Sam

P.S not sure how I got here, but glad I found you.

Jen said...

Yea!!! What a great anniversary!!!

Andi said...

Happy Anniversary! The Homestead is fun... have some good memories from there, especially swimming! :)

Sheri said...

Love the picture of you in front of the cut outs and you look so tan in your pink shirt in that last picture. Happy Anna.