Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Think Geek

I received an email the other day from my nephew, Dexter. It contained three hyperlinks and then at the bottom it simply said, "Enjoy!! -Dex"

Here is what I saw when I clicked on the links:

Apparently Think Geek sells maternity apparel. Who knew?

Love you, Dex!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nausea, Nausea Go Way!

So, I haven’t done much the past couple of months…literally. I go to work every day, but my mornings have been filled with nausea and my evenings have been a circus of feeling bloated, throwing up and laying in the bathtub wishing I could just feel “normal” again! Until last week, I hadn’t even been to the gym since August. Disgrace!

I'm 16 weeks! Doc says the nausea should be gone. It isn't totally! I feel more fat that pregnant...and this is what happened a few weeks ago:

I was at church talking with my counselors (since no Young Women even showed up for the lesson I had prepared!) and they were sharing pregnancy stories with me. All three of the women told me that they didn’t start showing until at least five months with their first child. Hmm…what’s my problem? One of them even said she never once wore maternity clothes – her entire pregnancy. I left church frustrated and depressed!

Oh – FYI – I never did post about this: I was called to be the Young Womens President in my L.D. S. ward a few months ago. Crazy thing is, as soon as the presidency was called it became evident that it was going to be short-lived. Why? Well, everyone but my second counselor is purchasing a home and moving out of the ward by the end mid-December, including ME!

Counting down the weeks was getting exhausting. I just wanted the nausea to go away! And now, I am happy to announce that I have not thrown up in a few days and I’ve begun to feel a little more energy and a little less nausea. For fear of jinxing myself I will just leave it at that and say:

Two weeks from today we find out the sex of the baby - so excited!

p.s. Belly pics? Maybe soon...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not just getting fat...


Here are a few things you should know:

2) I've been sick...and it sucks!
3) The smell of cooking chicken, musty bathrooms, apple air-freshener and Tyler's cologne make me heave.
4) I haven't been to the gym in about 8 weeks.
5) Tyler is the MOST PATIENT person I know!
6) I want a girl.
7) Tyler thinks it's a boy.
8) Yes, We will find out the sex and we'll let you know.
9) We're the people even I hate. We're not going to tell you the name (or even the real options) until the babe arrives! I know. We bug!
10) Due date = April 27

Hopefully this nausea business ends soon so I can feel normal again. (If it doesn't happen soon Tyler might kick me out.) Fingers crossed, though, that it happens soon...and then I'll post some pics, some stories and more details...'cause I'm sure you're dying to know!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hobble Creek Crap

It started with not getting my number until 11 p.m. the night before, a poor nights rest, and a 40 minute delayed start time. It ended with muscle cramps and my worst half-marathon time ever!

But, the good news is: I finished, I helped a girl that ate the pavement and was pretty bloody, made a new friend, and learned the importance of salt while running! (Plus, it's never a bad thing to see Mr. Pace's face at the finish line. Love him.)

I love to run, I love to run with my family...and next year I'll love a much better finish time. Mark my words!!!

Leg cramps are literally killing me...

Sucky finish time...=(

The runners: Me, Curtis and Mom

P.S. Curtis is amazing! He ALWAYS finishes fast enough to run back to find me and mom and then run to the finish line with us. I was just getting leg cramps with two miles left and Curtis was there to help me through them. I have such a great brother! I have such a FAST brother!! He finished in 1:17:30.

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews has cancelled his concerts in Utah for the past few years. What a dork! But, Tyler really likes him, so when I found out I could get free tickets (DM's way of saying 'sorry for being a schmuck in the past') to his concert, I jumped on the computer and quickly secured two tickets.
I was so excited to surprise Tyler with this free gift. And, truth be known, I love a concert - doesn't matter who - I'm just not that picky when it comes to live music. In fact, that gets me thinking, I should totally do a post about concerts I've been to. Yep - I'll do just that. If only I had kept a list. Darn!

Okay - back to Dave. So three months ago I come home with tickets to Dave Matthews. Tyler was very excited and it seemed like our tickets (aka printout that showed I had "purchased" two tickets) hung on the fridge forever!

The day finally arrived last week and, well, Tyler says, "For a FREE CONCERT it was well worth the money!" It was entertaining.

Waiting for the concert to begin...

Brigitte and Tyler

Dave...doing his thing! (Half drunk or high...or maybe both!)

Look who found us in the sea of people. Oh, Justin!

Friends...reunited. Not drunk. Not high. kind of looks like it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beginning...MIDDLE...and End

Last weekend, August 13-15, we took a trip to St. George with our friends, the Glovers and the DeMonjas. We'd been planning it for a couple months and were so excited for a chill weekend just doing whatever. And, yes, it ended up being the perfect weekend! Just eating at a few good restaurants, checking out the market at Tuachan, shopping the outlet stores, watching movies...and golf!

That was the middle part.

The beginning was a broken down car in Scipio and the end was me realizing I never grabbed my luggage when we headed home! Oops.

Kim and Milan convinced us that there was nothing we could do with our car until Monday and then they turned around where they were (about 30 minutes ahead of us) and came back for us. So happy that they did because it would have been a total bummer stressing over our car all weekend instead of playing with our friends in St. George.

Then, that funny end part. The part where Kim and Milan dropped us back at our car in Scipio. The part where we start unloading stuff from their car into our car. The part where I am suddenly realizing that my bags are nowhere to be found!

I was thinking, hmmm....where are my bags? I packed them. I put them on the corner of the bed. "Tyler, did you grab my bags?" I asked. His reply, "No, I grabbed MY bags." And that is the precise moment that I fully realized that I was now hours away from my bags with no way to retrieve them.

I laughed! This might have been my blondest moment ever...ever!

Tyler (being the amazing man that he is) flipped open his phone and dialed. The next thing I know he is telling me that Janette, our sister-in-law, is driving home from California and staying at the house in St. George tonight. Could I be any luckier??? Thanks, Janette, for bringing my bags (makeup, toothbrush, blow dryer, flatiron, um...pretty much all of my essentials) home to me...thank you - thank you - thank you!

See...the middle part was FUN!

Broken Scipio!

Hot...and not happy about our darn car.


Just being a good 7 a.m.

He's got skills!


Sometimes they just let cute girls take the carts out to find their husbands. Yep!

Lame market at Tuacahn

Sheri and Shane

Kim and Milan

Brigitte and Tyler...aka Us!

Picking up the guys from their FREE 18 holes. Thanks for the hook-up, Milan!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Year Down...Forever to Go!

Tyler planned a GREAT weekend for us to celebrate our first anniversary. It started with dinner and a play at Sundance. We didn’t stay for much since we were so excited to check out our room…I mean the pool…at The Homestead in Midway.

We went to the pool for a bit and then we were hungry. We paid $6.50 for two very small boxes of cereal and a cup of milk to satisfy us until morning. It was 10 p.m. and the restaurant had just closed. That was all they had to offer.

Our room was cozy and we snuggled in bed while we discussed how quickly the year had gone by and how excited we are to start another year together. We’re excited to no longer be considered the newlyweds! I mean, one full year makes us experts at marriage, right? Okay. We’re not na├»ve. We really have learned a lot this year though!

Saturday morning I was so excited to give Tyler a gift. As you may know, the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary. I got him two books, one is a bathroom book (for some good humor) and the other is a finance book (he’s pretty much a finance guru). I had it wrapped so cute with a roll of toilet paper and a 20 dollar bill as part of the bow. He laughed. I love him!

We strolled along the Homestead grounds. It’s really pretty up there! We grabbed some breakfast at The Store and then got ready for our fun day. Tyler gave me the best card ever and some cash…

…and then he took me shopping in Park City! I got a cute skirt and shirt at Banana, and still have some cash to spend. I’ll probably save it for Christensen’s in St. George this next weekend.

Our next adventure was definitely for Tyler. He LOVES trains…and he loves to chase them…and he loves to take pics of them. We spent a couple hours driving up and down Echo Canyon trying to get good shots. I love to watch Tyler do something that he loves.

We hung out on the tracks for quite awhile before we saw the first train. We snapped some pics. And Tyler just couldn’t wait any longer. When nature calls…

Next we took the LONG (or should I say BUMPY) road to Logan. Tyler knew it was a dirt road, but didn’t realize it was quite as “dirt” as it was. We drove on this for about 20 miles. It was slow…but pretty!

Once in Logan we ate some great Indian food and then headed to the Elaine Eccles Theater on Main for the Utah Opera summer production of The Sound of Music. It was incredible! We both loved it.

I am so darn lucky to have this man by my side. I love him - I love him – I love him!!!
Thanks, Tyler, for being the best husband ever, and my best friend.
I can't wait for forever!

Hurt in the Dirt

Tyler and I are crazy, that's for sure! I found this race and really wanted to do it. I showed the link to Tyler and he said, "Why not? Sign us up!" We really had NO idea what we were getting into. I did the running portion and Tyler did the mountain biking.

The course started at Ogden's historic Fort Buenaventura. The bike course was 5.1 miles and the run course was 1.75 miles. I started by running the course twice and then Tyler did the bike course twice and then we repeated that again! Once the pain had set in, we had completed approximately 8 miles of running and 20 miles of biking.

It was definitely HARD. Seriously. As I was ducking under logs and climbing over some of them, running through the river, climbing wobbly log stairs and sliding down sandy slopes, I thought - why the !@#$ am I doing this? While Tyler was out on his bike doing equally crazy, hard maneuvers on his bike, I had a little time to recover. But then, I had to do it all over again.

In the end, we both said it was totally fun and we're ready to do it again next year! We took ninth place in the mixed-team division, finishing in 03:13:20.8.

Don't worry - it's Rootbeer!

It rained for awhile...mostly while Tyler was out on his bike. But this was the reward!

Tim McGraw...and Sydnie Jean's First Date

July 30 - Sheri and I were planning to go to the Tim McGraw concert. We were hoping it wouldn't be as disappointing as the last time we saw him. Tickets cost us over $100 and we sat on the VERY TOP ROW of the Delta Center. We were not happy! Tina came with us that time, as did Cheryl, Tricia, the Ballards and Suzie. Remember how bad our waiter was at dinner before the concert?

Here's a couple pics from that concert in 2006!
See - very top row!

A few days before the concert this year, Sydnie called to tell me that she had just been asked out on her first date. She turned 16 on July 7. Yeah! (LOVE that she called to tell me. I think she still likes her Auntie!)

I asked her if she knew what they were going to do on their date and she told me, "we're going to a Tim McGraw concert." I was so excited, selfishly so. This way I was going to not only see Tim, but spy on my chunky monkey on her first date!

I was scoping the entire place...which is no small task at USANA...looking for Sydnie. I really, really, really wanted to see her on her first date! I knew she had Paula's cell with her, but I kept calling and it would go straight to voicemail. Bug! Then, in the middle of Lady Antebelum - the opening act - Sydnie called. They were stuck in traffic. She asked if we could save them a spot. I was very excited that now I wasn't just going to get to see her, I was going to get to have them sit (or stand and dance) right by us all night. Oh ya.
Tanner and Sydnie

All of us - Tanner's parents too!

I cannot believe that my cute little Jeaner is dating! I love her so much!! I remember when she was born. She was the first granddaughter and therefore, my first niece. I just loved her to pieces...and I still do. She used to sit on her front porch and wave to me as I drove away. We decided two honks is more friendly than one, so I would honk twice, wave and blow a kiss. I'm tearing up just thinking about how much she has grown up since then. She's seriously an amazing girl.
We still honk twice!

The Milk Challenge

July 24 - I'm not sure how this all started, but the next thing I knew we were walking out of the grocery store with a gallon of milk and a gallon of Tampico. Tina and Tyler were going head to head to see if either of them could finish a gallon in one hour.


10 minutes:

20 minutes into the challenge Tina says, "My skin feels kind of cold and weird."

One hour:

Needless to say, neither of them finished their "gallon." It was fun to watch them try though. Personally, I'm impressed anyone can drink milk at all. And for Tampico, I'm speechless. The stuff is one step down from milk on the nasty scale.

Please note: Tyler also ate a full sandwich along with his Tampico.

People whose names start with "T" are CRAZY!