Saturday, October 11, 2008

36! Are you kidding me?

*Ya...I just happened to have a shirt with my age on it!*

Okay, I know I don't look it (hee hee) but it's true...I just turned 36! Yeah, you heard me right. THIRTY SIX!! As my niece (thank you Sydnie!) pointed out at my family birthday party, "That's almost 40!" Oh my gosh -- she's not kidding. I am almost 40. Does that scare anyone besides me?

I've never had a difficult time with my age...until this year. So, I figured, I can either cry about it...or be grateful for the life I have lived, experiences I have been blessed with, and the opportunity I have to still enjoy the journey!

36 things I have learned in 36 years:

1. Broken hearts really do heal
2. Running is fun
3. The Savior loves me
4. My parents really do know what is best
5. It’s okay to only wash my hair every 4 days
6. I’m a morning person, not a night owl
7. I always give people the benefit of a doubt
8. I’m a flirt…and a darn good one!
9. Bright colors put a smile on my face
10. I really hate camping
11. I clean the house when I’m stressed
12. Reality TV is dumb, but I love it
13. I don’t know, yet, what my passion is…hopefully I will someday
14. I enjoy public speaking
15. Everyone has feelings, and what I say can really hurt or really help
16. Good friends are a blessing in my life
17. A bubble bath soothes me
18. Painting my toes makes me feel pretty
19. Sometimes a good cry is just what I needed
20. Getting my hair cut makes me feel sassy
21. I drive too fast
22. My favorite beverage is water…water…and more water
23. I love going to the dentist
24. Making my bed every morning really does make a difference
25. Lying is no good
26. I like to pick at things
27. I hate milk!
28. Pulp, pills and brushing my teeth make me gag
29. I got my determination, stubbornness and gag reflex from my Dad
30. I got my tear ducts, kind heart, and metabolism from my Mom
31. My brothers would do anything for me
32. My little sister thinks the world of me
33. I'm way cuter now than I was in high school
34. Prayers really are answered
35. It’s okay to be me
36. A hug and a kiss make me feel better

**Some of the people that helped me celebrate**




*Mom*Brigitte* (My whole family was there, but I didn't get a pic)

What Is A Friend?

A friend is someone who will drop everything...and I mean EVERYTHING...just because they love you!!

Thanks Kim...for EVERYTHING!!

This pic is obviously a couple years old (note the length of my hair!) taken on a night that a few of my best friends from High School got together. (From left to right: Kim, Amy, Shauna, Leslie, Cheryl, and me.) It's amazing to think that we've been friends for over 20 years!! Kim is one of those friends that I hope we all have, where no matter how much time and distance passes we're still there for one matter what!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Heart Conference!

5 Reasons Why I Heart Conference...(in somewhat particular order, but not really!)

5) Spending most of the weekend in my PJs

4) Knowing that even though it's cold outside, the Spirit burns within

3) Conference Tickets from my amazing, beautiful, educated friend, Dr. Stacy Shumway (Yes! Doctor.)...and not just tickets...REALLY GOOD TICKETS! (Maybe I should really be thanking her dad Elder W. Douglas Shumway of the Second Quorum of the Seventy.)

2) An entire weekend filled with direction, inspiration, and incredible music (Loved the childrens choir!)

1) The ever-present reminder that I am a Child of God and that by following His example, heeding the words of the Prophet, and holding to the Iron Rod I will one day be in His presence again!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Listen to the Still, Small Voice...listen…listen

You know that thing that we call the “still, small voice”? Well, tonight is wasn’t so still, or small. I felt like it was screaming at me. GO TO STAKE CONFERENCE! I’ve had a hard week with lots of tears… lots of emotions in general. I’ve been spending a great deal of time praying, reading my scriptures…doing anything that would help me find some answers and direction. And, knowing that this is how my week had been, I knew that things would not get better if I ignored the things that I am supposed to do; like attend Stake Conference.

So…to Stake Conference I went. I walked in about 5 minutes late and felt a bit awkward as the usher showed me to an open seat…right smack on the front row! But, at least it was cushioned and not on a folding chair in the cultural hall. Don’t you hate when you have to sit back there? The minute I sat down my emotions began to surface. The music, the words spoken…everything. It was as if the heavens were literally opening and telling me that everything is going to be okay. I knew right then and there that I was where I was supposed to be.

After an amazing musical number, and four fabulous talks (about testimony, scripture study, prayer, and temple attendance) the First Counselor in the Stake Presidency stood and said something like, “After the rest hymn the Stake President would like to hear the testimonies of the following individuals. Brother So-and-So and (long pause while staring directly at me in the front row) this lovely young woman on the front row.” (GASP!) What? Me? Is he really looking at me? And then it hit me, the Stake President had been staring at me through the most of the meeting. He caught my eye at one point and I felt that he was genuinely concerned about me. Interesting!

I made it through my testimony virtually tear-free and was then able to listen to the final two talks. But then, the choir stood to sing the closing song. The minute the organist played the first note the tears gushed out and there was no stopping them. As I sat and listened to the words of “Come Thou Fount” I was overcome with emotion; gratitude for the knowledge that I am a daughter of God and He is very much aware of me, individually. He loves me and is blessing me. I need only take a step back and recognize His answers, His love, and His amazing ability to bless me with what I stand in need of. He definitely answers prayers!

As I gained my composure during the closing prayer I was preparing to make a quick exit. I took a deep breath as I said “Amen” then I bolted for the door. Darn! I heard someone say my name just as I was taking my final stride toward obscurity. I turn and see Kirstyn Smith, one of my favorite college roommates. She stood there with tears in her eyes and then we hugged. We haven’t seen each other in years!

It’s amazing what obeying the promptings of the Spirit can do: prayers are answered, peace is felt, lessons are learned…and you may just get called on to stand in front of hundreds of people to bear your testimony. But, the sweet reward also can be…that there may just be a long-lost friend waiting to embrace you and help you to feel the love of our Savior even more sweetly.

Oh how I love my religion! I am so grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that it is through my Savior, Jesus Christ, that I am able to do all things. I know that He lives, that He loves me, and that I will one day live with Him again!

A day with Sheri...

Sheri and I spent the day together in pre-celebration of her birthday (which is tomorrow – Happy Birthday, Sheri!)

First: pedicures (never a dull moment in those little Asian-run shops where you don’t understand a single thing they are saying, and I’m often convinced they are discussing me, my toes, my outfit…I guess I’m self-conscious!)

Second: Café Rio (enough said!)

Third: organize Sheri’s kitchen pantry (if you know me at all you know that THIS was by far the best activity EVER – I was only sad I forgot to bring my label-maker.)

Fourth: a little shopping at Target (what’s not to love about that store – honestly?)

Fifth: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (I’m pretty sure it isn’t actually a sad movie, but (confession coming right up) I cried through the majority of it!)

It was such a FUN day!! And, for Sheri and I…well…our Birthdays tend to last a full week, not just a day. So…let it be known that today the FESTIVITIES officially began!

The game of darts!

A couple of years ago I was playing darts with some friends in Ryan Shupe’s garage (random…I know!) I remember that I was completely determined to win! I was the only girl playing against 3 guys. Of course I wanted to prove to them that I have skills. What girl wouldn’t? I would stand at the line, I would stare at the bulls eye, I would do a little positive self-talk, and then I would throw the best I knew how. Time after time I was just so slightly off. It was frustrating! I kept thinking, why can’t I hit the mark that I am aiming for?

I reflect now on that night as I think about the circumstances in which I find myself. How is it that I continue to try to do what is right, and yet it seems the blessings that I so desire are yet to materialize? Just like the game of darts, I’m in the game, I’m aiming for the target, I’m being positive, I’m making the move, and…nothing! I lose again.

Well, I woke up this morning at 2am, unable to sleep. Life…that is what was on my mind. My life…to be exact! My own little private game of darts. My mind was spinning out of control. I needed to figure out how I ended up here, when I was aiming for something so entirely different.

And that is when it hit me. I can do everything I need to, and still, there are forces beyond my control that affect the outcome of my aim. The important thing is that I do not give up. I need to keep my life on the right path, aiming for the blessings of exaltation. I need to “lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better.” (Doctrine & Covenants 25:10)

Life is not supposed to be all hard work. It is supposed to be an enjoyable journey, with moments of pain (to help us grow)! But, also, it is about having faith that He, our Father in Heaven, will continue to bless us in our efforts.

And, so, with that in mind, I plan to continue to play darts. And one day, because “Faith makes things possible…not easy!” I will finally hit the BULLS EYE!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

About Me

Three Things about Me:
I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I love to run
I'm a morning person

Three jobs I have had:
Corporate Liason, Nu Skin
Editorial Assistant, Journal of Organic Chemistry
Nanny, Roney Family

Three places I have lived:

Three shows that I watch:
Dr. 90210
So You Think You Can Dance

Three places I have been:
Cayman Islands

Three places I have been this week:
Mt. Pleasant
Grocery Store
TJ Maxx

Three people who email me regularly:

Three of my favorite foods:
Anything Italian
Cold Cereal
Recess Peanut Butter Cups

Three places I'd rather be right now:
Getting a massage
(or all 3 in Texas with my little sister!)

Three things I am looking forward to this next year:
Getting the hang of things at my new job
My little sister, Tina, having a baby!
Beating my 1/2 Marathon time

Three people I tag to do this on their blog:
Sheri, Kari, and Lisa

Monday, August 25, 2008

Eating My Words

This weekend Tyler and I went to St. George with Josh and Mandi. It was seriously a GREAT time! Swimming, hot-tubbing, eating, Les Miserables @ Tuacahn, driving near Zions, In-N-Out (yes...they really have one in St. happy!), exploring a ghost town...and a little trail running...

Trail running? Yep. Without actual running-attire, in the middle of the 106 degree weather! So, you know how I said in my last post that if ever Tyler and I were to race I would win? Ya. About that. I must now Eat My Words and admit...I did NOT win! Darn the darn.

I would like to say that it was the heat. Or, that it was beginners luck on his part. Or, we didn't wait the approved half-hour after eating. I'll keep coming up with reasons as to why I (the runner) did not beat him (the biker). But, for now, I guess he deserves the title of CHAMPION...

I wonder what will happen when we go on a bike ride together??

On our way to the ghost town...
Les Miserables @ Tuacahn
Really happy seeing Les Miserables!
Josh and Mandi
White-Trash running attire
The Champion!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The End of an Era...and the beginning of another!

#1: Today was my final day working as a Nanny for the Roney's. I have been practically part of their least Monday through Friday, for the past 3 1/2 years. It seems strange that I won't be working there anymore. I have a lot of GREAT memories that I will forever cherish! Honestly, this has been a job that has stretched me in ways that I never thought possible, and I have learned a great deal more than I could have imagined when I accepted the job back in 2005. I took a huge leap of faith leaving my job at the University of Utah, but now looking back I realize it was definitely the right thing to do for me at that time.

And now, another leap of faith...I begin a new job working for The Technology Councils of North America. I am so excited for my new job! I've already gone on my first business trip. TECNA had their Fall Event last week in Chicago. It was a whirlwind of a week with a lot of information to digest, but I loved it! I'll be working from home, which will be a new adventure for me. I'm very excited to have Sheri come over for lunch now and that we'll both be in Murray during lunch hours! Ahhh...just like old times. Can you say "Tuna Burgers and Chocolate Shakes?" Oh ya!!

#2: Drum roll please...I have a boyfriend! Yep, it's true. Tyler and I are, once again, dating...and finally...exclusively. You have no idea how happy I am! Seriously...if only you could see my face right now. Huge smile! What do I love about him? Hmmm...everything! The way he makes me laugh, and even the way he makes me mad. The way he challenges me, and the way he encourages me. His great ideas, and his consistancy. His hard-working nature, and his desire to be successful in all aspects of life. The fact that his butt is in better shape than mine (darn biker!), and the fact that if we had a running race I'm pretty sure I'd kick that in-shape butt...hands down!

#3: Speaking of Butt-Kicking. I totally creamed Tyler at Uno tonight. We have this (almost nightly) battle of game playing. I must confess that I generally lose. Not that I'm a just happens that Tyler has better skills (or luck...) than I do when it comes to some games. But tonight, thanks to my quick mind and amazing SKILLS (no Tyler, it wasn't luck this time), I must say (or scream) I WON!!!!! Now, not that I want to rub it in, please note that I didn't just win...I won BIG TIME!

#4: Today is my little sister's birthday! Bye bye 33. Hello 34. Happy Birthday Tina!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Week of Chick-Flics

Only in the order in which I viewed the movies! I seriously, NEVER watch this many movies/videos in one week. But, hey, a girl deserves a little chick-flic-ness overload now and then. Right?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Slow Me Down!

Click on the title "Slow Me Down!"

This song is for sure my new fave!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dumbest question of the day!

I went with Sheri this afternoon to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. She wanted to use her final gift certificate from her wedding. So, after combing the store and filling up her little shopping basket with several items we approached the counter to checkout. As the cashier began to scan the items he looked up at Sheri and asked, "Would you like these items put in a bag?"

I seriously had to turn around so that he wouldn't see the pure shock on my face! Seriously? Did he just ask if she wanted all 15-20 items put in a bag? Was he implying that she might want to just load them in her arms and juggle them carefully out to her car? Silly, silly boy!

At least it made me laugh, thinking of Sheri (with all of her dish towels, rug, soap dish, papertowel holder, etc.) carrying everything (individually if necessary) out to her car -- all because she was asked, "Would you like these items put in a bag?"

Thanks for inviting me to BB&B today, Sheri! Good times.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogging Blues

It seems I have nothing, nada, zilch to blog about!! How can that be? I feel as though my life is full of fun, adventure, drama, happiness, stress, joy...the list goes on. But, for some odd reason, I've got nothing to blog about. Hence, I've got the blogging blues. Darn the darn!

I am, however, very excited about the fact that yesterday was officially the first day of Summer. I LOVE SUMMER! I love the warmth, the fresh air, the flowers, the long daylight hours, and the feeling of knowing that it won't snow again for at least a few months. I hate being cold, therefore, hot summer days and I get along very, very well!

Welcome best friend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You look just like your mom...

I get that A LOT! When I was younger and people would tell me that I looked like my mom I first thought they were crazy, and then I wouldn't know how to respond. It's not that I didn't want to look like my mom. It's just that when you are young you see your mom as "old" and think that people must certainly be on drugs if they think that someone old and someone young could possibly look the same. It seemed ridiculous!

And then, there were the times when I thought that there was no way I would ever end up like my mom. You know? I thought for sure I would be smarter and know how to handle things in a better way than she possibly could. Turns out: I was SO WRONG!!

I've always loved my mom! I just had no idea at Age 12 that I could ever understand and know her so well. Our relationship has made my love for her grow to a size that I can't ever completely or accurately express.

And now, when people say, "Oh. You look just like your mom." I say, "THANK YOU!" And when the thought crosses my mind that I might end up like my mom, I think, "I certainly hope so!"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hiccups and Faith

Yesterday I got the hiccups. I hate the hiccups, so I have no idea why they feel they should stop and visit me every now and then. I’m not nice to them, so why do they insist on coming? And, furthermore, why do they STAY SO LONG? They are a total and complete annoyance to me. But more than an annoyance, sometimes they hurt. Seriously, they just BUG! (I was recently told that I say the word "bug" too often. Hmmm...)

So, I had the hiccups for forever yesterday (I know. That’s a long time, huh?). And, while enduring my trial of hiccups mid-day, I was reminded of a hiccup attack that I had when I had only been at my job about six months. Here is the story:

For some reason, which I can’t remember any longer, I was having a bad day and then to top it all off the hiccups snuck up on me and decided to make themselves at home for longer than desired. (Desired length is usually…um…not at all! )

One of the little girls at work, Ariana, noticed that I was not happy and asked me what was wrong. She was only 5 at the time. I told her that I was busy and that these darn hiccups were bugging! She said that I should just get rid of them. I kind of laughed at the thought. Wouldn’t that be great if I could just drop them off somewhere along the side of the road and they would no longer bug me? I told her it wasn’t that easy, you can’t just “get rid of them.”

We were walking down the stairs and as we turned the corner to go in to the kitchen she stopped me and said, “You can pray…” I stopped dead in my tracks! I thought, wow, this little girl has a lot of faith if she thinks we can just pray for my hiccups to go away. So, I said, “Alright. Will you say the prayer?” She excitedly accepted and said the most simple, honest prayer.
Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for this day. Please bless that Brigitte’s hiccups will go away. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
I said Amen, and immediately my hiccups were gone! Honestly – gone!!

I’m so thankful for ARIANA, for her FAITH, and for the day I had the HICCUPS so that she could teach me A VERY VALUABLE LESSON. Often times all you need is a little more FAITH!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Memories of Charlotte's Web

Tonight I went to dinner with Lindsay and Andi. We were all roommates in Provo at Charlotte’s Web. Yep, that was the name of the house we lived in. What? Your house doesn’t have a name? Are you crazy? Every house should have a name, right? Wait. Is that just a BYU Off-Campus Housing thing? Oh ya – I guess it is. Turns out my condo I recently bought is still nameless. Now taking suggestions – please submit to The winner will receive…um…something great, I’m sure!

Crap, I got a little off track there for a minute. Anyway, we lived together at Charlotte’s Web (go ahead – guess why it was called that!) in…um…1996? Maybe it was 1997? Either way, either year – I loved living with these girls! They were always fun – and never any drama. All of you who have lived with multiple girls in a small apartment can attest to loving the semesters spent living with drama-free girls!

Just thinking about some of the fun times makes me laugh. Remember when our door got snow-packed? And, Andi’s duet with Matt singing “She sees a diamond.” I think that was the same ward activity where we all sang “We are Family.” Fun times! What about the night we went disco skating? I can vividly see Rob’s purple, stretchy, flared pants. Wow!! Those were…um…sexy! Remember how ridiculously dark Lindsay got from working at Seven Peaks? Let’s see, other memories that come to mind: The Manti Pageant. Andi’s cabin. My BMW. Lindsay’s yellow car. The day mine and Lindsay’s closet got flooded! Bug! How Linae used to color in Disney coloring books. I could go on and on…

I sit here now wishing I could go back to Provo, back to the BYU 57th Ward, back to Charlotte’s Web, back to the days of living with Lindsay and Andi in the basement of a house that was infested with spiders. Those were the days! Seriously, the biggest stress for me then was probably what to wear to church.

But then, at the same time, I love who I have become and I love my life now. The good news is, it is because of friends like Lindsay and Andi that I am who I am today. So – thanks girls!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Do Two Halves make a WHOLE?

Marathon...that is!

On Saturday (along with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law) I ran the Salt Lake Half-Marathon. Even with the two toenails that are now falling off, I have to admit that I LOVE TO RUN!

Official Finish Time: 1:58:30 -- that's ONE minute faster than my previous time. YEAH!

Our cheer squad (Dad, Lisa, Nathan, Emily, and Wyatt) woke up early and staked out their spots along the route. They were able to see all of us at three different spots throughout the race. Every time I heard them scream, and saw them jumping up and down to cheer I swear my pace picked up a bit.
There were also a few other people there to cheer, at different spots along the route. I loved that they were there smiling, waving, and screaming my name! Thanks to: Myron & Carol, Chuck & Beth, The Howell's (Boyfriend & Buddha), The Amakasu's, and The Evans'.

A little shout out to my amazing mom: She took 2nd place in her age-division! Seriously? How amazing is she? I am constantly impressed by, among a million-trillion other things, her desire and devotion to staying in shape and living a healthy life. Thanks for being such a great example, Mom!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peer Pressure!

You know how you're told to never give in to peer-pressure? Just say NO! Well, truth be known, I've tried and tried to abstain. I promise! I've done everything that my primary, Sunday school, and young women leaders have told me to do when faced with temptation. Honestly! I even keep the 'For The Strength of Youth' pamphlet with me at all times...just in case. But, everyone (yes Mom, everyone!) keeps using their conniving tactics and I have finally (feeling defeated!) given in. I'm shocked and appalled at myself. What else was I supposed to do, really? But, now that I've done it I just want to shout, "Hey! Look at me! I'm blogging!"

Here we go! I've joined the Blogging Community, and I couldn't be more excited. Well, that's not true. I can think of a couple of things that would make me more excited. But, I'll leave that for another day, another time, another BLOG.

I title my blog "Just So You Know" mostly because it is one of my favorite phrases, but also because, seriously, this is my life...just so you know!