Friday, September 30, 2011

I Had A Birthday...

...Shout Hooray! One year older and wiser too. Well, one year older. Not so sure about the 'wiser too' part.

I cannot believe that I am 39. Seriously? 39? Are you sure? Let me check my birth certificate. Yep. Thirty-Nine! Wow...are you shocked? I certainly am.

I love my birthday. That should come as no surprise to many of you. And this year, like many others, my birthday was perfect! This birthday taught me some new definitions of love.

Love = Breakfast in bed cooked by husband.
Love = A surprise lunch with my mom and sisters. Tina took a three hour flight here and a three hour flight home, just to spend a couple hours at lunch to celebrate my big day. We ate at Normandies and of course, we had to have dessert! Together, my mom, Tina and Cheryl pulled off a fabulous surprise! Mom even showered me with confetti. That made it officially a party...=)
Love = A Thai Massage! Tyler secretly set up an hour massage appointment for me. We pulled up, he handed me my stuff and said he'd be back in an hour. Heaven!
Love = Dinner with my two favorite people - Tyler and Holland.
Love = New speakers for my computer and a bag of Recees Peanut Butter Cups!
Love = A no napping baby (aka Holland was awake all day!) Her daddy said she was just so happy about my birthday she wanted to spend the ENTIRE day with me. And she did.

Love = Phone calls, texts and FB messages from family and friends. Some of them even sang!
Love = Dinner and new books to read from my mother- and father-in-law. (Friday night.)
Love = Little gifts dropped off on my doorstep - like the precious necklace below from my friend, Lesa Wells. We serve in the RS Presidency together. Seriously - how thoughtful!
Love = Lunch with Sheri - without any babies. It was nice...and it was weird...and it seemed totally normal at the same time. I have a GREAT bestie! (Friday lunch.)

If all of that isn't LOVE, I'm not sure I know what is! Thanks for making me feel special on my special day...

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Andi said...

Happy Belated! I loved reading all your posts... they are oozing with happiness and joy! Makes me smile!