Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holland Met Siena

On Thursday, we officially introduced Holland and little Siena - one of her BFFs.
Here is their first pic together..taken seconds before Holland rolled over and yanked Siena's beanie off. Sorry Siena!

And then, we decided to get one of them together in the chair.
First we tried getting a good shot with each of them on separate sides...
Next we thought it would work better if we put them together... was worth a try, right?

Here are a few thoughts of mine while looking at these pics: 
  1. Wow...Holland has really grown a lot in 4.5 months, considering she started out just slightly bigger than Siena. Huh. How did my baby get so big?
  2. Holland obviously does not like to share and/or does not like to have her space invaded.
  3. I really hope Holland and Siena get along...
  4. I wonder how Holland is going to handle a sibling? ...maybe we need to get cracking on that before she becomes too accustomed to being the center-of-attention! (Not that she won't always be the center of our world...ALWAYS...she, and any other siblings she may have.)
  5. Holland cracks me up!!!

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Sheri said...

Now we just need to figure out how to pose them with another one in the picture. Aria comes home today so you'll need to come back so we can get one with all 3 of them.