Sunday, September 11, 2011

Greek Not-So-Festive(al)

This year was the 36th annual 2011 Salt Lake City Greek Festival. I've always wanted to go. Now that I need to go again. I guess my expectations were a bit too high, although, I really have no idea what I was actually expecting.

I wanted to try some Greek food. We had Chicken Souvalki (shishkabob). I kind of wanted to try other things, but you had to stand in a long line to get other foods and other meat lamb...and I wasn't really wanting to stand in a line. Anyway, I saw this after eating the chicken and was VERY happy to have chosen the the short line...and the chicken!

Holland experienced TRAX for the first time and she was thrilled about it...obviously!

The dancers that we saw and the tour of the Greek Cathedral were actually pretty cool. The cathedral was beautiful. I'm amazed that they just let anyone in street clothes. I wanted to take a picture, but decided it might not be respectful to do so. But the windows were gorgeous!

While in the cathedral I did see a girl that used to be in one of my singles wards forever ago...the Madison Ward. Her name is Betsy and she has a bet stuffed animal she call squeakers. Oh the memories!

We went to the festival with Tyler's parents, his brother Brandon and Brandon's kids. It POURED RAIN while we were in the cathedral, but afterward it was perfect weather to walk back to mom and dad's condo near Memory Grove.

While walking back we saw a very special wedding taking place at the Gallivan Center. Loud, rocker music while the wedding party walked down the isle and the "minister" was a very tall girl with a very short dress on and very high heels. Interesting! Or should I say, VERY INTERESTING!

I think the best part of the afternoon/evening was back at the condo: dinner, dessert and watching the BYU game (even though they hoo!)

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