Thursday, September 1, 2011

Four Months!

Holland turned the big 4 months on Sunday, August 28!

I know it's cliche, but yet again, I must say that the time is really flying by and I just want to hit "PAUSE" now and then. Now=when she's sleeping so perfectly in her little bed. Then=when she tried rice cereal for the first time earlier today. More on both of those topics later. But for's our little lady looking all fly.

I swear she looks like she wants to say, "That's right peeps, I'm four months old. Word!" Or maybe she's thinking, "Hmmm...four months? Seriously?" What do YOU think she's thinking??

Current Stats:
Height - 26" (95th percentile - but the doctor said she is actually off the charts, they just have to give a percentage. Seriously - MY child is off the charts for height? Who would have thought?)
Weight - 12 lb. 12 oz. (35th percentile)
Head - 41.5 cm (70th percentile)

She had her check-up with the doctor yesterday and she did SO GREAT getting her immunizations. She, of course, was SHOCKED and started crying as soon as the needle went in her little leg. It breaks my heart when she starts to cry and looks at me like, "Why did you let them do that?" Ugh. I really hate it! I do love that Tyler is able to be there for her doctor appointments. I think he handles it better than I do...maybe. By the time we got to the reception desk she was all done crying and only whimpered a few times throughout the evening when her leg would get bumped by her...or me or Tyler (oops!)

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Lisa said...

Wow, 95th percentile is huge, but then again so are her feet! I have to agree that she is growing up way to fast, she is so stinkin cute! Love her and her parents too!