Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yes...We did Celebrate Independance Day!

As you probably know, The 4th of July is my all-time favorite holiday! There's just something about getting up early to do the Freedom Run with family and friends (and hundreds of strangers who just happen to love to run in my hometown!), watching the Freedom Parade (even if it is the same thing year after year), the warm (usually HOT) weather, being with family, BBQs (usually with the Stimpsons - thanks for always including us!) and of course.....THE FIREWORKS!!! All of this wrapped up together is the perfect package of all things I love.

And, I do love Stadium of Fire! Sadly, I do not get to go every year lately. Hmmm...I should really fix that. I miss the song, the blast of hot air as they say "Stadium of Fire" and the occasional ashes falling on my cute new "4th" outfit. Ahhh. I do love The 4th of July!

This year the following people ran the Freedom Run (MOM - send me the pic so I can add it to this post...please!): Mom, Curtis, Me, Tina, Cheryl, Jerry, and Austin. Mom and Curtis always "place"...I usually (yes, usually...some of you know what I'm talking about...) "finish!"

Nothing makes a mamma's heart beat faster than crossing the finish line to see the man you love holding your little baby and cheering you on. LOVE!

Waiting for mom to finish! (Holland looks pretty tired and is probably wondering why she had to get up so early to hang out in a park with dad and thousands of strangers.)


On our way to the parade. Holland is VERY excited to see the floats. I believe in this pic she was screaming with delight. Uh huh...that's what she was doing!

She loved seeing (but not hearing) the firework show!!

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