Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holland was Shot!

Three times! On Wednesday, June 29, Holland's little world was rocked (or should I say pricked?)

Here she is BEFORE getting her two-month immunizations...
  ...and here she is AFTER!
Pretty sure she is no longer a fan of her pediatrician (Michelle Chamberlain).
 Poor little thighs! She was not a happy baby for the next THREE DAYS! Apparently, one day for each shot her mean parents made her get.


Sheri said...

Cutest smile and cutest sad face I've ever seen! Glad she's doing better now.

Michelle said...

2 month shots are the hardest on my kids. Collin and Ella had such sore legs and cried and cried for the next few days after their 2 month. The shots are hard every time she gets them, but I bet she wont have as hard of a reaction the next time.

Speedys said...

So sad when you know they are going to be in pain and you gave the okay, but it is all to protect her in the future!