Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blessed Baby Bliss

On Sunday, July 3, little Holland Bliss was blessed. Tyler took our daughter in his arms and gave her a name and a blessing. I was overcome with emotion as I listened to the man I love bless our little creation with such sweet promises. It was during the blessing that it really hit me: we are responsible for teaching this little one about the gospel, helping her to gain a testimony, and assuring that she holds firmly to the iron rod. Wow! What great responsibility and what an amazing honor to be blessed with this opportunity.

How did we come up with her name? I don't remember exactly where, but I read the name on either some TV or Movie credits. I told Tyler (he had already shot down most of my name suggestions). His response was surprisingly, "I like that. Plus, Elder Holland is my favorite General Authority." Perfect. Done. Bliss is Tyler's mom's maiden name. And that is the history of the name Holland Bliss.

Those that participated with Tyler in blessing Holland: both of our dads, Tyler's brothers (Brandon, Matthew and Josh), Tyler's Uncle Nathan, My brother's and one brother-in-law (Curtis, Shane, Todd and Jerry).

I'm so grateful for the worthy priesthood holders in my life that are able to bless and be such great examples. Thanks guys!

After church we came back to our home (and BEAUTIFUL yard) for a brunch. Thanks to everyone who helped with the food - it was tasty and oh so perfect!!!
Let me just say that this little girl was PERFECT all day! (A totally different child than the three days previous.) She smiled and slept all day long. She was a dream...just ask anyone that was there!!
Her blessing dress is the same one that I was blessed in 38 years ago (thank you, mom!) The booties were given to me by my Aunt Carol. The blanket was crocheted by my cousin Patty. The bow was made by my friend Angela Ballard.
Four Generations! Great Grandma Pace, Grandma Maggie, Me, Holland Bliss, Grandma Lucy.
The Pace Boys! Josh, Tyler, Dad (Craig), Matthew, Brandon.
The Eppley Girls! Mom with her two daughters, and those two daughter's daughters. Does that makes sense?

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