Friday, July 29, 2011

Three Months of Bliss

Yesterday, July 28, was Holland's three-month birthday.
That's right...we've now enjoyed three months with this little girl!

She now weighs 11 lbs. and is very long and skinny. She smiles a lot (especially in the mornings!) and this past week she rolled over for the first time. So proud! And both Tyler and I were home to witness it. How lucky are we?

Holland takes a bath with dad every night where they spend a little daddy-daughter time catching up on the events of the day. She loves to jabber it up in the tub. Besides chatting, Tyler shows her new swim strokes and she loves to practice them (aka splashing!) Just a little water on her face and she gasps like it is totally taking her breath away. So funny! Of course, we pour water on her head just for fun. (Whatever. You'd do it too!)

Holland tags along with Tyler pretty often - going to the bank, bike shops, and...(gasp!) pawn shops. She's probably the prettiest thing to ever enter some of those questionable pawn shops.

With mom (me!) she loves to go for walks, sit on my lap while I work, and ride around strapped to me with a wrap or in the carrier while I attempt to accomplish things around the house and in the yard. Mostly though, I have to be honest, I absolutely just love to be with her!!! I could hold her and rock her all day. Chat with her and kiss those precious lips 24/7.

Oh, Holland, We. Love. You!

P.S. Holland is so close to laughing out loud. I can't wait to hear her giggle for the first time.

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