Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Helping to Grow my Garden...and My Testimony

A shout out to my mom - the best mom in the whole world! Some people say that everything they learned they learned in kindergarten. Well, everything I've learned, I've learned from my mom. She is always, always there for me. And now I know, if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a testimony...or a garden, because she is the one that gave me the foundation and basics for growing both!

My mom came and stayed with us the end of June, for three days, to help get our yard in shape! I kept watching weeds pop up here and there (okay...everywhere!), but I wasn't sure really which were weeds and which were plants. My mom knows this stuff, so I called on her expertise. She came and helped us do some (okay...a lot!) yard/garden TLC. We pulled weeds, we planted flowers, we hoed, we raked, we sweat, we got bit by ants...

I wish I would have taken some "before" pictures. Darn the darn.

Here is the gardening guru!
Tyler planted bushes, mowed the lawn, and did all the "manly" things we asked of him!
Um...notice mom's arm? Ya, she'd had surgery early in the week, but that wasn't going to stop her from helping us. She's the BEST!!!

Me! Planting. I loved making our yard beautiful, but the best part was learning from my mom. I don't believe I will ever be too old to partake of her wisdom. And, pretty sure, no matter how hard I try I will never be as smart as she is. Oh how I wish I could be.

We did several of these cute flower pots.
Where was Holland this entire time? Being naughty, of course. She got her shots (remember) on Wednesday. The day before my mom arrived. She cried Thursday through Saturday of that week. She did sleep a little, here and there. Don't worry. No matter how much she cries, we still love her. How could we not? =) Plus, this was all in preparation for her big day on Sunday, July 3!

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