Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Memories of Charlotte's Web

Tonight I went to dinner with Lindsay and Andi. We were all roommates in Provo at Charlotte’s Web. Yep, that was the name of the house we lived in. What? Your house doesn’t have a name? Are you crazy? Every house should have a name, right? Wait. Is that just a BYU Off-Campus Housing thing? Oh ya – I guess it is. Turns out my condo I recently bought is still nameless. Now taking suggestions – please submit to brigitteeppley.blogspot.com. The winner will receive…um…something great, I’m sure!

Crap, I got a little off track there for a minute. Anyway, we lived together at Charlotte’s Web (go ahead – guess why it was called that!) in…um…1996? Maybe it was 1997? Either way, either year – I loved living with these girls! They were always fun – and never any drama. All of you who have lived with multiple girls in a small apartment can attest to loving the semesters spent living with drama-free girls!

Just thinking about some of the fun times makes me laugh. Remember when our door got snow-packed? And, Andi’s duet with Matt singing “She sees a diamond.” I think that was the same ward activity where we all sang “We are Family.” Fun times! What about the night we went disco skating? I can vividly see Rob’s purple, stretchy, flared pants. Wow!! Those were…um…sexy! Remember how ridiculously dark Lindsay got from working at Seven Peaks? Let’s see, other memories that come to mind: The Manti Pageant. Andi’s cabin. My BMW. Lindsay’s yellow car. The day mine and Lindsay’s closet got flooded! Bug! How Linae used to color in Disney coloring books. I could go on and on…

I sit here now wishing I could go back to Provo, back to the BYU 57th Ward, back to Charlotte’s Web, back to the days of living with Lindsay and Andi in the basement of a house that was infested with spiders. Those were the days! Seriously, the biggest stress for me then was probably what to wear to church.

But then, at the same time, I love who I have become and I love my life now. The good news is, it is because of friends like Lindsay and Andi that I am who I am today. So – thanks girls!!


Jamie Hyde said...

Awesome... Im want to name my house! i don't think it will be a nice name cause I'm SO sick of our Apartment, so maybe I should wait tell our next place.

Oh yeah... I tagged you on my blog its the High School Tag. So do it I want to see pictures of you in high school.

Andi said...

I cannot remember why we named it Charlotte's Web? Was it because we had so many spiders? Do you remember when they ripped the carpet up?

How about Paige's Playhouse? Or Bridget's Basement? Just in case you want to keep people confused about your name.

Thanks for last night...it was fun, and I left vowing to keep in better touch with you!

Michelle said...

I miss my Provo days too... but there was also a lot of drama to deal with living with girls (yah I had 5 other girls in our apartment). Maybe it's good I only live with one other girl right now- and she's 6 so there's not much drama yet :) Loved your post it made me laugh and think about Provo life.

Lindsay said...

Hey gals--didn't the house already have the name? I don't think we named it. I think the spiders had been living there longer then most of the girls ever did.

Andi and I took a walk down there. The school and playground have been torn down. I remember spending a lot of time swinging and talking.

It was fun to spend some time walking down memory lane!