Friday, August 15, 2008

The End of an Era...and the beginning of another!

#1: Today was my final day working as a Nanny for the Roney's. I have been practically part of their least Monday through Friday, for the past 3 1/2 years. It seems strange that I won't be working there anymore. I have a lot of GREAT memories that I will forever cherish! Honestly, this has been a job that has stretched me in ways that I never thought possible, and I have learned a great deal more than I could have imagined when I accepted the job back in 2005. I took a huge leap of faith leaving my job at the University of Utah, but now looking back I realize it was definitely the right thing to do for me at that time.

And now, another leap of faith...I begin a new job working for The Technology Councils of North America. I am so excited for my new job! I've already gone on my first business trip. TECNA had their Fall Event last week in Chicago. It was a whirlwind of a week with a lot of information to digest, but I loved it! I'll be working from home, which will be a new adventure for me. I'm very excited to have Sheri come over for lunch now and that we'll both be in Murray during lunch hours! Ahhh...just like old times. Can you say "Tuna Burgers and Chocolate Shakes?" Oh ya!!

#2: Drum roll please...I have a boyfriend! Yep, it's true. Tyler and I are, once again, dating...and finally...exclusively. You have no idea how happy I am! Seriously...if only you could see my face right now. Huge smile! What do I love about him? Hmmm...everything! The way he makes me laugh, and even the way he makes me mad. The way he challenges me, and the way he encourages me. His great ideas, and his consistancy. His hard-working nature, and his desire to be successful in all aspects of life. The fact that his butt is in better shape than mine (darn biker!), and the fact that if we had a running race I'm pretty sure I'd kick that in-shape butt...hands down!

#3: Speaking of Butt-Kicking. I totally creamed Tyler at Uno tonight. We have this (almost nightly) battle of game playing. I must confess that I generally lose. Not that I'm a just happens that Tyler has better skills (or luck...) than I do when it comes to some games. But tonight, thanks to my quick mind and amazing SKILLS (no Tyler, it wasn't luck this time), I must say (or scream) I WON!!!!! Now, not that I want to rub it in, please note that I didn't just win...I won BIG TIME!

#4: Today is my little sister's birthday! Bye bye 33. Hello 34. Happy Birthday Tina!!


Ang;Greg said...

Hey! That's a lot of stuff going on with you! Your new job sounds like it will be awesome and exciting and yeah for Tyler. He's a lucky guy! We need to do a double date one of these days (or maybe a triple depending on how Sheri's doing?).

Love ya!

Sheri said...

YES!!! So excited about lunches, and of course you new job and your not so new boyfriend! Congrats on making the infamous August 15 a great day for you.

Denice said...

glad thats all finally out in the open. you held out girl!

Suzie said...

You'll love working from home. It makes rolling out of bed and "going to work" so much easier!

Amy Loveall said...

I am so glad to hear that you are happy! You definitely deserve it. It sounds like this is an exciting time in your life. I wish you the very best!

Andi said...

Good luck with your new job! I hope it's everything you wanted.

Yeah for you and Tyler! ;)

Double yeah that you kicked his butt. I'm always about beating Tate when we compete. I think it takes a good man to handle a good defeat.

The Evans Family said...

YEAH! Sounds like life is great! McKenna & Jessica said to say "hi"!


Lindsay said...

Okay, I'm a total jerk. I've been a total loser about reading your blog.

I'm so happy to hear about all your new adventures. I was sad that you guys didn't make it to Seattle. Maybe you'll have a business trip this way?

Good luck with everything!