Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FB Post by Tyler - Update on My Dad's Condition

Update on my Dad's condition:

As several of you know, 33 years ago my dad was diagnosed with nasal cancer, which was successfully cured by radiation and drugs. Since that time my dad has had more than his fair share of serious medical ailments (pretty much you name it).

This past spring he began experiencing double vision and pain in his head, and after many tests he was ultimately diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that continues to rapidly grow in his head. The cancer is likely a side effect of the radiation he received years ago.

Given the stage and location of the cancer, his treatment options were very limited, and no cure is possible. He recently opted to forgo palliative chemotherapy and start hospice care.

His condition is rapidly deteriorating and we would expect it be a matter of weeks, if not days, that he will continue to be with us.

For the past year my parents have been living in Salt Lake City while serving a mission for our church. I live nearby along with two of my brothers and a lot of our extended family and friends, so my parents are being surrounded by love during this difficult period. My remaining siblings were able to visit recently as well.

We love our dad and are proud of his strength, patience and life-long example to all of us. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for our family.

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