Thursday, June 7, 2012

FB Post by Tyler - One of the Last Pictures

In all likelihood this will be one of the last pictures I take with my father. I visited him today and had a rough go of it. Two days ago he had the lucidity to walk outside with me to my car.  Today he was talking about keeping the door closed because the 'bogey-man' was trying to enter his bedroom. Although I shed some tears, I couldn't help but laugh about that one.

What I'm most proud of is the fact that in his pained and confused state, he only spoke about making sure the 'kids' -- me and my siblings -- were 'alright.' That's my dad for you - always more concerned about his family than himself. In my prayers I ask my Heavenly Father for a quick and painless exit for my father from this life onto the next, where his parents and two siblings await a happy reunion.

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Andi said...

Beautiful post. Love this. Lots of love to Tyler and all of your family.