Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aquarium With Cousins

The first time I took Holland to the Living Planet Aquarium she wasn’t too sure what to think. However, this time, being mobile made it way more enjoyable for her. She was glued to the jelly fish tank until she realized that there was much, much more to see. She loved playing in the Stingray pool, putting her hands in the water when they would swim by and then she would splash her hands up and down in the water she would be so excited. She got a little wet! Her other favorites were the penguins and the otters. She and her cousin Jaxon hung out watching the otters for quite a while….so cute!

Thanks for inviting us, Paula!
Maggie ~ Emily ~ Holland ~ Jaxon
Stingray Pool

This is a little thing the kids can climb in (Paula held Holland up there...too little to climb the ladder) and goes up into the center of the Otter Pool. That is an otter - the black thing on the right side. Seconds later she smiled!
All Done. I'm outta here!
Auntie Tina and Holland
 The Stimpson’s met up with us when we were done at the aquarium to pick up Emily – they were on their way to Lake Powell…and didn’t even invite us. Rude.

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