Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years...

Tyler and I celebrated New Years Eve Day at a movie with some of my family...The Chipmunks: The squeakquel. Definitely a kids show. Tyler was so not excited, but, in the end, admitted it was a cute show. Oh, he liked Theadore the best!

We later had dinner with just my parents, opened our Christmas gift from them (Remember? We were in Idaho on Christmas!), played Scrabble, and...yes...did some pedicures and manicures!! Tyler for sure got the most pampering! But he needed it the most!!

Later we watched a little bit of the New Years Eve countdowns on TV (Our fave being the guy that jumped his car across the bay in California, landing on a barge! My heart was racing! Get it?)

And then, at 10 o'clock...I mean Midnight EST...we rang in the New Year - 2010! None of us wanted to wait until 12 p.m. so we celebrated with the East Coast! Nothing wrong with that. Had fun celebrating, home before all the crazies were out on the roads. We're so darn smart!!

Happy 2010!!!

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Andi said...

I think I was snoring by 10. When did staying up late become so boring?

Just saw Sherlock Holmes... so good! It will definitely make up for seeing The Chipmunks.