Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Mom,

The saying "Saturday is a Special Day" is more true now than ever! Yesterday really was a Special Day! I loved every minute of it! I know that most people would have thought of it as just a plain old Saturday of hanging out, eating, organizing, scrapbooking, and running a few errands. To me, it was all of those things but more!

The day was wrapped with conversation both spoken and unspoken. Moments of learning, sharing, and laughing. When I'm with you I get to soak up your energy and amazing example. How lucky am I?

Thank you for always setting aside time for me. Thank you for dropping everything the minute I say I can come down and scrapbook. Thank you for making cookies. Thank you for helping me get all of my scrapbook stuff organized. Thank you for helping me to see my own creativity and showing me how to put it all down on a scrapbook page. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being my mom...and my friend.

I love Scrapbook Saturdays...and you!

Your daughter,


p.s. Thanks to Tyler for suggesting I spend the day with my mom! Thanks to my Dad for fixing my computer! I have the BEST men in my life...don't you think?

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Suzie said...

Brigitte! I love reading your posts and seeing how happy you are in your life. It looks like things are going good for you and you deserve it. Waiting for the right guy was soooo worth the wait, wasn't it?