Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas '09

Christmas started on the 19th when we went to my parent's house for the Eppley Family Christmas Party. We ate the best soup (Chicken Noodle and Clam Chowder) and home made bread - both made by my mom! It was so yummy!!!

We've stopped drawing names in my family and instead find a charity or a family to support. This year we made blankets for the Nursery ICU at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. We all brought material and for a few hours it was a quilt-making fest! We had material and thread everywhere...but we had so much fun. And of course, football was going in the adjacent room. Yep - food, football, family...and quilting!!! (wish I had pictures...)

We also had a talent show where the grandkids (and Todd) performed. They've got talent! Oh ya, just remembered. I helped the girls sing a little rap song as well. Apparently I've got talent, and no pride, as well! Good times for sure!!  My parents always make sure we have a great Christmas, and a great time just being together as a family. Love them.

We drove around Salem Pond on our way home! They ALWAYS decorate it so great at Christmas. Love it!

I was excited to only work 3 1/2 days the following week, but on December 23rd I went to the doctor and found out I had bronchitis. I hate's so annoying! I was happy to leave with some medicine that would help though. I called my supervisor at work and gave her the news, she suggested I not come in the next day (we were only supposed to work 1/2 day anyway). So, Tyler and I decided to leave for Boise that night. We arrived at his parents' house at 12:15am on Christmas Eve Day!

After a good nights sleep I was still coughing, but the inhaler was helping a bit! Tyler and I went shopping with his Dad that afternoon to buy a new TV for his office. Apparently he had gone to the store looking for a "regular TV" a few days before. Uh...they no longer make those, he found out. Tyler helped him find a nice new flat screen that will be perfect in his office.

Christmas Eve, Erin, Spencer and kids came over for dinner. We had ham. Yum! I wasn't allowed to help with dinner prep because I was pretty much coughing non-stop, but I did get to eat it!! After dinner we acted out the Nativity with a script that the Pace's have had since the early 80s. It was so cute when they pulled out four boxes of costumes and we all got to choose how to dress and pick a part on the script. Abby was Mary and decided to do her part with an English accent. She's 8!!! It was hysterically precious!

I had been pretty emotional the weeks leading up to Christmas thinking about how I had never spent a Christmas without my parents. I felt like a baby. But, hey, if you are reading this you know me and you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve. It's not like I didn't want to be with Tyler or with his amazing parents, but it still ripped at my heart a bit. So, after the acting out of the Nativity Tyler pulled a box from under the Christmas Tree and handed it to me. It read: To Brigitte, From The Ghost of Christmases Past. When I opened it I realized it was from my Mom and Dad...and immediate got a bit teary. See how great my parents are?? In the box was our stockings with some small gifts in them, slippers and a stuffed Christmas bear. Then, two more wrapped gifts. We opened them, and yeah, pajamas!!! Christmas Eve just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without new PJs. That is so my Mom. Thanks Mom!!! I love the moon and back.

Christmas day was perfectly low-key. Slept in, ate breakfast and then opened gifts. Just me, Tyler, and my other Mom and Dad - who I love very much! I was amazed at how great of a shopper Tyler is. I had no idea!! It was a perfect first married Christmas! After gift opening we went to Erin's house for brunch...and we spent the entire day there. Eating. Playing games. Eating. Watching movies. Eating. Did I mention that the Koefed's Christmas tradition is a table full of food to munch on all day long? We definitely ATE!!!

So now...I can't believe it is the end of 2009! It's been an amazing year. The year I've been wanting to happen for years and years...and years! So happy I'm married!!!

Now that I finally have my best friend by my side, another set of parents and double the number of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews, I can hardly wait for 2010. I have so many loved ones to share my life with and so many opportunities to learn and grow. Bring on the New Year!!!


Kari Howell said...

Wow, what a sweet post! I love that you are so happy and all is going so well. It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas- congratulations to you guys! Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year Brigitte!

Michelle said...

How sweet of your Mom!! I loved reading about her surprise gift for you. Sounds like you had a great Christmas (except for being sick).

juniortales said...

You actully put pictures of me on it! I love the music!