Friday, January 15, 2010

I Dialed: 1-877-313-4788

Dell Customer Service: Thank you for calling Dell. How can I help you? (Said with a thick Eastern accent)

Me: Hi. I can't get my computer to turn on.

Dell: Okay. No problem. I can help you with that ma'am. What happens when you try to turn on your computer?
Me: Nothing. It doesn't do anything.

Dell: Okay. No problem. I can help you with that ma'am. Try pressing the power button and holding it down for a few seconds.

Me: Okay.

I press the power button and see an orange light flicker on the right side of my keyboard. The light doesn't stay on and the computer doesn't turn on.

Me: Okay. I did that. Nothing happened.

Dell: Okay. No problem. I can help you with tha ma'am. Can you see a light on your powercord?

Me: One second. Let me see.

I turn to Tyler and ask him to pick up my cord to see if the light is on. Tyler walked over where the powercord was snaked back beside the couch and behind the end table. He picked up the cord. He showed me the cord. No light.

Me: Um. I don't see a light on it.

Dell: Okay. No problem. I can help you with that ma'am.

And then, Tyler gets my attention by showing me the powercord....the PLUG of the powercord. It hadn't been plugged all! We both start laughing!!!

Dell: Okay.This is not a problem ma'am. I can help you. Can you...(he was still talking, but I was laughing too hard to hear what he was saying.)

Me: Thank you for your help. Good bye!

Turns out the little orange light that had been flickering when I pressed the power button was the battery indicator light. Oops. You live you learn.

Thank you for your help Dell Customer Support!


Speedys said...

Thank you for that great laugh I just enjoyed! I love how they always say "that's ok, I can help you with that ma'am" You should have asked him if he could help you plug it in, just to see what he said!

Sheri said...

Seriously!?! LOL...that's great. I'm almost embarrassed to call you my friend. J/K.