Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tyler Turned Thirty!

To celebrate Tyler's entry into a new decade - the turning of the Big Three Oh - I wanted to do something big, something special, something he'd always look back on and say, "Man - I loved that birthday!"

Well, I'm not sure it ended up being THAT birthday, maybe on his 35th, but we still had a great time celebrating!

The weekend before his birthday I (with the help of my mom) created a scavenger hunt that led us to a day of fun and just being together; lunch, movie, shopping, dinner and a hotel for the night. It was so fun to be together and feel like we were on vacation, but still be in SLC. I guess that's what you call a "stay-cation."

Then, on Tyler's actual birthday, November 25 (the day before Thanksgiving), I first made him his favorite birthday breakfast - cinnamon rolls and orange juice!
And that night I threw him a birthday party! We went to Olympus Lanes bowling alley! It may sound white trash, but we had so much fun! We ate pizza, had a contest for the highest and lowest score and bowled to our hearts content. Seriously - so much fun!!!

I just have to say that I feel so blessed that Tyler was born. Thanks to his parent's for having "one more." Thanks to them for loving him and raising him to be who he is today. I look forward to celebrating many more of Tyler's birthdays with him...!!! Happy Birthday, Tyler! xoxo

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