Saturday, October 12, 2013

Silver Lake

I've always heard about Silver Lake, but had never been...until today! It was a clear day, but pretty cold. I couldn't believe that two brides were up there doing their bridals. Ugh. The thought. Brrr...

I totally want to go up there again in the spring for sure!

The only bad part of our little trip was that Holland stepped in a bunch of mud, which resulted in me removing her shoes, Then, Tyler and I switched kids (and shoes!) to get them into their car seats. Next thing we know we arrive at Arctic Circle, at the bottom of the canyon, only to realize the shoes hadn't made it into the car for the ride home. Tyler had put them on top of the car to buckle Holland into her seat and totally forgot about them. Darn it. I thought about driving up the canyon, but really, was I going to be able to find two grey Toms in toddler size 7? Probably not. I didn't cry about it though. Pretty proud of myself for that.

Oh, and Arctic Circle, you really disappointed me tonight!


This is a picture I took of Holland asking if she could "hold the camera."

 The following pictures are all taken by Holland. So funny to see things through the eye of a two year-old.


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