Sunday, September 15, 2013

Her Two Year-Old Vocablulary

This little girl make me laugh. She makes me happy. Like, totally happy! Love her!

  • Holland woke up the other night (like FOUR times). This is rare. Honestly, she's a great sleeper! During one of the times that I was rocking her back to sleep I had this conversation with her. Oh - and don't mind that Tagg woke up TWICE that night as well. Also RARE! He didn't verbally say anything to me, but I think he wanted to say, "Hey - Holland's awake, so I figured I should be as well." Thanks, little sir, thanks!
Me: Holland, why are you crying?
Holland: Because I'm crying.
Me: But why are you awake?
Holland: Because my bed's not sleepy.
  • While I was attempting to get just a little sleep (after a LONG night), at a little after 7 am, Holland plowed through my bedroom door, shoving the door hard which slammed it against the wall. As she ran to my bed, this is what she said.
Holland: Ohhhh, sorry I woke you up, mommy. I didn't mean to so loud.
  • She then climbed on my bed and I asked her why she kept waking up last night. We ask her "what her deal is" maybe a little too often. And normally when I ask her in the mornings how her sleep was, she responds with, "So good!" So I guess, ya, last night was "not so good."
Holland: It's not my deal, mommy. My sleep was not so good.

  • Holland sat on my stomach and chatted and chatted with me one morning. I could not stop laughing as I listened to her. When did she start speaking like a teenager? A teenager that just happens to be obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Silly girl.
 Holland: ...and I was like, oh, a train! And I was like, Percy. Thomas. It's OK..."
  • While changing Holland's diaper I said that I needed her to lift up her bum. She's been saying things like this lately, and it cracks me up. Like most things are "too loud" or "too long" or "too much" etc. etc. Obviously just trying to expand her vocabulary. But the funny thing is they are rarely used in the correct context. Love it!
Holland: Oh, it's too impatient, mommy. 
  • When asked about any type of measurement, whether her age, time, etc. 
Me: How old are you, Holland?
Holland: Two minutes.
Me: Holland, when is Grandma coming?
Holland: Two minutes.
  • When I lay Holland in her bed at night, lately she has come up with a new stall tactic. 
Me: Holland, do you want your blanket on your belly or your back?
Holland: Back.
Me: K. I love you. Sweet dreams. Good night, baby.
Holland: Attention, please! Cracks me up!!
Me: Yes?
Holland: I have a question. Seriously? She then proceeds to ask random questions about trains, or what we will be doing tomorrow, or where Tagg might be at that very moment.
  • A lot of times while we're driving I'm curious if Tagg is awake or asleep, so I ask Holland to tell me. About a month ago we were in the car and Tyler was driving.
Holland: Daddy, is Tagg awake or asleep?
Tyler: Awake.
Holland: Oh, I;m so proud of him!
  • We were all heading out the door to go for a walk through the neighborhood. Holland came outside, after dressing herself.
Holland: Mom, you like these cowboots for our family walk?
Me: Um...ya, the entire outfit is...great.
Holland: Ya, I look delicious, huh, momma?
Me: You are always delicious to me, Holland!
Holland's attire-of-choice for our family walk - blue sleeveless shirt, pink shorts, leg warmers, 'cow boots,' hoodie, pink umbrella...and chapstick (in hand.) Perfect!

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