Friday, October 25, 2013

Months 10 and 11

Dear Tagg,

Today you are 11 months old. Little man, how come you've grown up so stinkin' fast? Naughty!

TEN MONTHS ~ Sept. 25 ~ 18.2 lbs.
This picture was rough to get! We could barely get you to stay lying down long enough to get a picture that wasn't totally blurry. You just kept rolling over and crawling away in a mad dash.

ELEVEN MONTHS ~ Oct. 25 ~ 18.6 lbs.
And you can see here, laying down for your picture is for sure a thing of the past!

Tagg, we cannot get enough of you! You are so smiley and you've started giggling a lot - mostly with (and at) Holland. Your smile is so cute with seven, yes SEVEN, teeth. You smile so big sometimes that your face gets all squished and your eyes all squinty - it's the cutest thing ever. In fact, everyone seems to comment on how happy and smiley you are. I love it!

Your hair is getting thicker and longer, and any hint of brown is pretty much gone. Last month I had to trim around your ears and a little off the top, but you are definitely ready for your first REAL haircut now. Most of the clothes you wear are 6-9 months, but some of the pants, crazy enough, are still 3-6 month size. You look chubby, but apparently looks can be deceiving. And yes, you are still in Size 2 diapers - skinny bum!

At 10 months you were a great eater and a poor sleeper - you started waking up at 2am to eat. BUG! You loved yogurt and sweet potatoes and you were mastering the art of eating graham crackers. We started buckling you into shopping carts instead of lugging you around in your car seat. You loved this new-found freedom. You and Holland both LOVE (slight understatement) the shopping carts with kid steering wheels. And my heart swells to see the cutest kids ever sitting there 'driving' while I shop.

Now at 11 months, you kind of hate for us to feed you but you love to feed yourself. So I'm not really sure how much food you are really getting these days - a lot ends up on the floor and smashed all over your body, but I think some actually goes in that cute belly of yours. You've learned to drink from a straw and you love it, so I know for sure you are at least hydrated!

You've been sleeping in the pack-n-play in the guest room downstairs for the past few months. It's dark and quiet down there, plus it's not right next to Holland's room (which your actual room is!). It was perfect for finally teaching you that waking at 2am was just not going to happen forever. It took three nights of crying-it-out and establishing a nightly dream-feed (I go in and feed you without waking you right before I go to bed around 11pm) to finally get you back on to a GREAT sleep schedule. You now sleep from about 7pm - 7am. Thank you, Tagg! You've stopped falling asleep in your car seat when we drive places - kind of a bummer. However, you are still great at taking two solid naps - one around 9am and another one about 1 or 2 pm.

When you aren't sleeping or eating, you love to play with Holland, go for walks around the neighborhood, play downstairs in the play room, and try to ride the Lightening McQueen 4-wheeler (Holland's birthday gift that freaks her out!). You also love to knock down Holland's block towers or steal anything she is playing with. She sometimes laughs and sometimes she gets really bugged. You love to practice walking with the Gobble & Go Hippo toy. For sure you'll be walking on your own soon!

You've started doing a a couple funny things. Whenever I come back home while you've stayed at home with daddy, if you are hanging out in the garage together, you always look so happy. But, as soon as you see me you immediately start really crying. It's seriously so funny, and I kind of love that you realize that you've been missing me. The other funny thing is that you've started doing "Downward Dog" yoga pose while you nurse, and then you bounce your knees up and down. Ya, probably not the most efficient way to nurse, but definitely the funniest!

Well, Buddy (Holland's name for you), you'll be ONE soon. I'd like to say, "please don't grow up," but honestly, as the months go by I love you more and more and more.  So, if you could just slow down a little bit so I can more fully enjoy every stage and age that would be much appreciated.

Love you, Taggart Craig!

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Tamsen said...

I've loved getting caught up on your lives! Your kids are so darling and growing up so fast! Tagg is almost 1?!?! Holland's vocab kills me. Glad you are doing so well. Long live blogging (I'm the worst at checking since google reader died)! :)