Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snip Snip

Holland got her first REAL haircut yesterday. We've done a trim here and there, but her hair seems to have gotten super long practically over night. Remember how bald she was for so long?? (where did my baby go?) Well, it was time to get a professional cut and style.

We went to Cookie Cutters - and they did a great job. She got to pick the car (seat) she sat in and watch 'Despicable Me' while her hair was being cut. She didn't flinch one bit...even when the stylist pulled out the blow dryer. I was shocked! When I turn on my blow dryer she bolts out of the room.

So, first haircut was definitely a success. But, tell me, why oh why does she have to grow up so fast?

It was pretty windy, but I really wanted to get some BEFORE pictures. Now, why didn't I think to take these inside? I'm a dork. I told Holland to stand by the car so I could take a few pictures. These are what I ended up with. (I can't stop laughing!)


Say 'buh-bye' to the baby mullet and odd lengths of hair!

And, now, AFTER! Hello, my cute little Miss Bliss.

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