Monday, August 12, 2013

Eppley Reunion

August 7-11 we spent time with my family in Salem for a Family Stay-cation / Family Reunion. Our activities were all Salem Days events, which I have always wanted to try out. We've done the fun run, parade and fireworks before, but this year we tried out more of the events that they do every year. I loved it!!!

Here are a few pictures from our really fun Stay-cation!

Tractor Pull

Always need some bubbly tubby time at Gma and Gpa's:

Little Buckaroo Rodeo:

This little boy really wanted to be friends with Holland. Holland didn't really want to be his all.

Holland and Gma Lucy showing off their cowboy (er...cowgirl) boots!
Steak Dinner at the park:

Late-night shake run:

Program and Fireworks: (although our little family didn't make it until the fireworks. We left, put the kids to bed and watched from mom and dad's front yard. Loved it!)

And a few pictures from Sunday as we were heading home:


I didn't get pictures of all of the activities, darn it! We also went to a breakfast, a car show, parade, had a BBQ at mom and dad's, and went to church with mom and dad. We had a great time and hope to make Salem Days more of a least I do.

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