Friday, August 2, 2013

Hey Yo Idaho

A couple weeks ago we went to Idaho to spend a few days with Tyler's mom (my AMAZING other-mother!) and some of the Pace siblings and their families. We had such a great time!!

It was a totally low-key vacay...which I loved. I still worked, but found time to be with family and do fun things. Of course, all while trying to keep two babies on somewhat of a consistent sleep schedule. Bed by 9:00 p.m.? Yep, that's how we rolled!

One day we went to one of Erin and Spencer's former Bishop/friend's house/ranch/property/stables where they raise Icelandic horses. Not sure why, but they do. The horses looked pretty funny to me, because they are kind of squatty (not a real word, apparently, but I've always used it. Who know?) Even though they are shorter, kind of like me, their faces and manes are really pretty (again, kind of like me!) Ha. They looked even squattier though when the adults would ride. I didn't ride. I should have. But I didn't.

Not to baseball fans: Former ranch of Bill Buckner.

Holland was one of the first to take a turn, and she loved it so much she took a SECOND turn. Maybe she needs riding lessons - how cute would that be?

First time sporting french braids!

Note: first time having hair french braided.
While waiting for everyone to ride horses, we played in the barn.

Holland and Norah - sitting on, not really riding, the three wheeler. But, seriously, how cute and serious do they look?

After horses, we floated (VERY SLOWLY) the Boise River. Sadly, no one took pictures. But we took both of the kids, and for the most part I think they liked it. Holland rode on a tube with Tyler. Tagg went in a raft with me and Grandma Maggie. He was hungry and tired...but sometimes, Tagg, you just have to suck it up and go along with what everyone else is doing. Right? I didn't want to miss out. So, I just nursed Tagg in the raft. Win-Win.

We created a monster when we let Holland sit on Tyler's lap and drive the car while we were on the ranch property. It was so cute, but we are paying for it now because she now says, "Let me drive!" pretty much every time we are in the car. Oops.

Here is Holland after our morning/early afternoon no-nap-yet fun in the sun. This RARELY happens!

We went to dinner one night with just the adults. Abby (oldest grandchild) babysat all of the kids - ten total, 12 and under, with four of them being two and under. She organized for each older child to be in charge of one of the babies. She did a great job! When we got home the three youngest had all for the past 2 minutes taken turns being a bit hysterical. I felt so bad...for Abby and the babies. Holland was a bit traumatized apparently, because she kept saying to me, "You love me back, Momma, you do." The Krispy Kremes helped soothe Holland's soul, but I don't think they were nearly enough of a thank you for all of Abby's hard work. THANK YOU, ABBY! WE LOVE YOU!!

I love that Holland and Taggart got to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles that they rarely see. It would be so fun if we all lived closer together!

Owen was teaching Holland about space shuttles. She looks genuinely interested!

It was really such a great several days and we are so thankful to Mom for letting us stay with her and for Spencer and Erin for planning some fun things for us to do! Here's looking forward to Summer 2014!

Oh, and one not so fun part about the trip: Tyler got sick a couple days before we came back home, Tagg got sick the night after that, and Holland, yep, she got sick the day after we got home. Darn stomach something-or-other! Good news: I never got it!! Yay me!

Sick baby Tagg

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