Sunday, November 25, 2012

Taggart Craig Pace

Tyler received the greatest birthday present ever today!

Welcome Taggart Craig Pace.

Born (on Tyler's birthday) Sunday, November 25 at 2:15 p.m. Weight: 7lbs. 2.4oz. Hair: TONS!

My doctor had suggested being induced over the weekend since she was on call, so we picked Tyler's birthday as the big day, and Tyler was so happy about it. We arrived at the hospital at 7am to check in. After getting settled in to the room, hooked up to the monitors and a few other standard procedures, the nurse started the IV with penicillin since I was Strep B positive. It had to be going for about three hours before they could start the pitocin to induce labor and get contractions started.

My mom spent the night at our house so that she could watch Holland for us and they both came to the hospital as soon as Holland woke up. Dad was at home in Salem with Tina, Emily, Wyatt and Zach. They needed to catch a flight out that afternoon. They all drove up in order to stop by before heading to the airport. Tina told me that she hoped I could have the baby before they left. Pressure!

Around 10am Mom took Holland home to give her a nap just as they were adding the pitocin in to the pic line. A little before noon the anesthesiologist came in and put in the epidural. It went so well! Night and day from my first epidural experience. Thank goodness!

Dad, Tina and kids were in and out visiting with me and Tyler. Tyler's Aunt Shauna stopped by to visit for a while - she and Dee are serving a service mission at a ward near the hospital.

As the contractions started to get harder and closer I started calling my mom telling her to hurry and get to the hospital, but her phone just kept going to voice mail. I was getting so stressed that she was going to miss it. I called. Tina called. No answer. I was starting to get worried. And at this point, it was not about her missing the birth, but just about her in general - I hoped everything was okay with her and Holland. I couldn't figure out why she wasn't answering. I said a little prayer.

As I started to realize that my mom was not going to be there for the birth, I realized that Tina was the only one in there with me and Tyler as the nurses were prepping me for the actual delivery. The doctor came in. I told Tina that if she felt comfortable with it, we would love to have her stay in the room for the delivery. I think she was totally surprised. But I could tell she was not so sure about the offer. But then it was go time and she really didn't have a chance to escape.

I pushed three times in five minutes and the darkest head of hair appeared! I couldn't believe how easy and how fast it all happened. Heaven!

Welcome to the world...and to the Pace Family little man.

As soon as the doctor handed the baby to me, Tyler said (just like when Holland was born), "So...what's it going to be?" Taggart Craig. Only, Tyler told the nurse it was spelled Taggert. We had to change that later.

Here comes LOTS of pictures...

In Taggart's nursery right before we headed for the hospital.
The birthday boy...waiting patiently for his gift to arrive.

Holland meeting Tagg for the first time. She's a little unsure.

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