Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This was Holland's first year Trick-or-Treating. It did not take her very long to make the correlation between  ringing a doorbell and receiving a handful of candy. It was so fun to watch her learn about this fun (Tyler's Fave!) holiday!

We left to go Trick-or-Treating pretty early so we could get back to hand out candy at our house as well. Holland even enjoyed that part, but would stash a few pieces of candy down her shirt (of course!) every now and then as we sat on the porch waiting for the next group of kids. She cracks me up!

Side Note: We had a few weirdos come to our door! Like full-on adults in regular clothes (a couple of them were actually in costume at last) with plastic grocery bags that they would hold out and say "Trick-or-Treat." I was so shocked with the first guy that I actually found "For Real?" coming out of my mouth. His wife/girlfriend (who knows?) responded with, "I know, right? Kind of different." I couldn't even respond. Seriously people???

Anyway, It was fun for all of us to dress up (even though I've never seen a farm-girl quite so pregnant before!) and the weather was PERFECT (almost too perfect!)

We love our little "cow"...and I think she is for sure already a fan of Halloween!
1st Door - The Turley's
2nd Door - The Halliday's (Jane)
3rd Door - The Wells' (No Answer...darn the darn!)

Getting a move on! I get what we're doing now...
Final Door of the Night - The Done's

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