Sunday, October 28, 2012

18 Months - She's Growing Up

This all happened way too fast! I'm shocked that this little baby of mine is 18-months old and is going to be a big sister in a month!! And, she officially started nursery today - I'll post of pics of that not-successful event separately.

She's tipping the scales these days at 22 lbs - skinny little thing (95th% for height and 15th% for weight). She talks A LOT, and although it may sound like just gibberish at times, she really does know quite a few words. We thank Baby Signing Time! I'm not sure if she knows more signs or more actual words at this point, but needless to say, she communicates really well and let's us know exactly what she wants/needs/thinks! Her favorite word is "CAR" and anything with wheels (except a bike), in her mind, is a car.

This little girl literally runs everywhere, loves to watch videos on dad's computer, is still obsessed (literally!) with Baby Signing Time, has finally learned to snuggle (a little!), is a happy camper in the car (since we turned her car seat forward-facing!), and is the center of our world. We can't get enough of her smile and cute little giggle. We love her so much!!

Here is Holland's progression over the last six months (I need to locate month 15 and 17 pics...ugh!)

Where did our baby go??

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