Saturday, April 28, 2012

O.N.E. - Already?!

We're in shock too! But not so much shock that we neglected to throw Holland a big bash in celebration...

Happy Birthday to our Baby Bliss! We love you so much.

The invitation was fun to my mind...and then Lara, my amazingly talented sister-in-law, created the real deal.

The first insert told the guests we would be making a time capsule for Holland to open on her 18th birthday. This allowed for even those who were unable to attend to contribute something - including Elder Dexter Eppley, currently serving an LDS Mission in New York - plus, this was the perfect opportunity to give a meaningful gift...before Holland realizes the utter joy of toys with cartoon figures on them. Ugh!

The second insert let everyone know there would be a photographer at the party to take pictures of them and their family. My amazing friend and photographer, Kate Turley, did mini photo sessions of each family. Now we have pictures for the time capsule, Holland's scrapbook...and of course, this blog!

We are so grateful to everyone that came to help us celebrate and thank each of you for the significant roles you have already played in Holland's life - we hope you will continue to do so!

The Birthday Girl and Her Cupcake

The Food

The Guests


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Speedys said...

great pictures, and such a cutie!