Monday, April 2, 2012

Must. Empty. Now.

Anything in any type of container or designated location, in Holland's little mind, needs to be removed – the plastic containers in the kitchen drawer, the washcloths in the basket under mommy's and daddy’s bathroom sink, the fingernail polish in the bin under the other bathroom sink, the clothes in the drawers, the hair accessories in the basket, the shoes and socks in the other basket, cheerios in the small colored bowl as soon as the lid is removed, all items in the diaper bag, the rocks in the flowerbed, the toys in the tub, the plastic Easter eggs in the basket, the rollers in the bathroom drawer, the condiments in the bottom half of the fridge, all the toilet paper off the roll, etc. – and not only removed, but removed in a fast and furious way, as if she is being timed. 


Truth be told, I really don’t mind picking them all up when she is done because I find it so darn cute.

Here are a few of her latest projects (all of which were done within an hour this morning!):

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